Munick Ferreira from Brazil

South, there is a new addition to the Titan family! Meet Munick Ferreira!

Ferreira is an exchange student from Brazil and is currently a senior. While attending high school in Brazil, she participated in United Nation Simulations, a Pre-College program.

With her radiant personality and welcoming ambiance, it’s no wonder that Ferreira was a member in her old school’s Student Council committee.

Ferreira’s hobbies include exercising at the gym, hanging out with friends, which include going to the mall and having sleepovers, and studying the world beyond, an example being astronomy. She also has an interest for public speaking.

Despite being a bit homesick, it’s undeniable moving to America has provided her with many new opportunities. For instance, Ferreira recalls, “In Brazil, I would stay the whole day in school. With 10 classes, I would feel very tired. But here in America, I change my classes.”

With these new opportunities come new activities. A favorite to Ferreira, the Spanish club, is no exception.

“I think it’s pretty cool that I can try to learn two languages at the same time,” she reflects. “English and Spanish.”

But one can’t forget about classes. To Ferreira, they not only provided freedom to choose one’s classes, but also many other freedoms.

“This school also allowed me to spend a lot of time with different people. It allows you to be more of yourself,” Ferreira added. “Time goes faster. And best of all, there are no uniforms.”

As her new life unfolds at South, who knows what the future holds.

One thing is for sure, Ferreira can find comfort in knowing that we accept her into the Titan family.

Strike up a conversation with her. Make her feel welcome. I ensure you won’t regret it. She is a girl with some serious Titan spirit.

“I do miss my friends and teachers. There I had strong friendships because I was with them the whole day. But I’m thankful that I was able to come here,” smiles Ferreira.