Deniz Baydar from Turkey

Sophia Kolditz, Staff Writer

As you might have noticed, we have two new exchange students going to our school this year. One is named Deniz Baydar. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and is a senior this year.

Her biggest passion is the preforming art of dance which she has been doing since age twelve. Baydar runs the newly added Dance Club with two other friends.

Also, she has played the violin since she was eight years old.

But not only does Baydar enjoy performing arts, but she is a fan of drawing and painting as well.

Right now Baydar is highly excited about her first charcoal self-portrait, asserting, “You would think she just came back from war. You can see it in her eyes.”

Other than sketching in her sketchbook, Baydar is obsessed with Harry Potter movies and books, loving fantasy in general.

Baydar spends most days studying for classes, watching TV, hanging with friends, listening to music with her new Beats headphones, and skateboarding down the street.

Baydar also explained a little bit about her life back in Turkey.

She says that her biggest dream back home was actually to travel to America. Seeing many movies about our country, Baydar became very interested in American culture and talked to her parents about the exchange program.

Her parents and CB South helped make her wish come true. Baydar recognizes them as one of her biggest supporters. That’s why they are who she misses the most, along with her cat and the Turkish food her mother makes.

According to Baydar, the best thing about America is that “women are actually treated equally.”

“Also, people are more open minded and mind their own business but at the same time care for each other,” said Baydar.

Most importantly, she laughed, “And yeah, you guys have Halloween.”

Baydar will be here all year long. Be sure to give her a warm welcome!