Post-Season South Football

As the 2016 regular season for CB South’s varsity football team winds down, many at South are looking toward the possibility of the playoffs.

Fans and players alike have expressed their excitement regarding a potential postseason.

The Titans Football team is 6-3 heading into an important matchup with Pennridge High School on Friday October 20th, which will play a key part in deciding South’s team playoff picture. Dedicated fan Connor Anderson said that the team will “need to win this week” in order to increase their chances of making the playoffs.

However, Anderson is confident the team has the ability to win: “The team has been fast paced, it’s been really exciting. Starting off 5-0 was a thriller.”

Anderson added why making the playoffs would be so exciting, saying “It motivates kids to head out to the games. I mean games are fun in general, but when your team makes the playoffs it gives you even more of a reason to head to the games on Fridays.”

He also went on to talk about the atmosphere that contributes to making playoff games exhilarating, saying, “The student section does a great job setting the tone for the entire game. Titan Terror is awesome. Even if you’re not a football fan Friday nights can still be awesome; hanging out with friends and supporting your fellow Titans.”

Not only are fans excited about the possibility of South’s Football Team making the playoffs, but so are the players.

Varsity offensive lineman and long-snapper Corey Stafford said, “After the win over West talk of the playoffs in the locker room has increased. It’s mostly focused on winning our next two games and from there just keep playing football. Every week the intensity increases among the players because we know we need to bring our best game to continue playing our best.”

Staffor went on to say how the team has put itself in a position to make the playoffs, citing team unity and work ethic.

Stafford said, “Everyone on the team makes it a family atmosphere; more than just a team mentality. It makes the experience all the better. Also, our seniors have really stepped up this year as leaders and everyone has worked well as a whole unit.”

Staffod added, “We all have worked well as a team and work with each other very well.”

Varsity Defensive end Pierce Low, who has been playing football for the past four years, also weighed in on the possibility of South’s Football Team making the playoffs.

Like Corey, Low validated the fact that talk of the playoffs began after the win against West, as well as suggesting that “[they] just have to keep on playing well” in order to win games and make the playoffs. He continued, “It’s very important. It’s going to show how good our team is.”

Low went on to suggest why South has seen success this year, as he highlighted good coaching, talent and hard work as key factors.

He said, “What’s made us successful is our coaching along with our coaching and the whole team doing their jobs. The energy and talent we have on our team is great. The thought of making the playoffs only increases the team’s energy.”

One thing that is evident is what has made this year’s team successful. Both players and coaches have pointed towards work ethic, talent and the ability to work together.

Head Coach Mr. Tom Hetrick said, “We have guys that have bought into the fact that the ‘we’ is more important than the ‘me’. We have a lot of guys that are way into being able to say I was a part of something special. Their work ethic shows it.”

Mr. Hetrick added it “counts to make the playoffs,” and went on to say he is confident the Titans will make the playoffs due to the fact that they are “committed and very hard working.”

As the Titan’s season begins to wind down the last few games remain before the post-season begins.

Considering the legitimate possibility that the Titans will make the post-season fans and players alike excited thinking ahead to the possibility of a playoff berth.