Hockey Fanatic: Kevin Dorozinsky

Hockey Fanatic: Kevin Dorozinsky

Kevin Dorozinsky is a senior at CB South, but having a demanding hockey schedule doesn’t give him the normal life of the average student.

Kevin’s interest in hockey began when his parents bought season tickets to the Philadelphia Flyers when he was just a baby. “I wanted to be just like the players on the ice, so I began to play,” he said.

Kevin started skating at the age of five. By the time he was seven, he played his first game for the Bucks County Generals.

Kevin currently plays hockey for CB South, and also plays for a club team, The Valley Forge Minutemen, as a goalie. His club team is a AAA team that requires a lot of commitment.

“Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I have practice in the gym, Wednesdays I have goalie training, Fridays are my day off, and games are Saturday and Sunday,” Kevin said, showing a glimpse at what his weekly hockey routine is like.

Preparing for a game is a whole routine in itself. “Pre game I eat a big breakfast, and bring a light snack to the game. Two hours before I’ll stretch, go on a run, and practice hand-eye coordination skills to warm-up. After that it leaves me 20 minutes to get dressed and get on the ice,” recounted Kevin.

A busy hockey schedule and keeping up with school work can be a lot, but Kevin manages to juggle both his school and hockey life very well.

“It keeps me disciplined, and I do better in school when I’m kept busy,” Kevin describes his work habits. “I get home and start my homework and do as much as I can. I’ll take a short break to eat dinner, and then I go to practice, and whatever I haven’t finished I finish after.”

From a goalie’s perspective, Kevin likes the pressure. “I like the feeling of denying other people’s goals,” he said.

Playing for two different teams the interactions tend to be different as well. “High School really helps seeing your teammates often. We get to fool around in school on game days and yell to each other in the hallways. It really puts us in the game mentality and we also get to share it with the students,” Kevin explained.

“The club team is more challenging to have the same interaction, but we still come together while being with each other four out of the seven days in the week,” Kevin said.

Throughout all of his years playing hockey, many memories have been made, and there’s still many more to come.

“Going into 7th grade I had a tournament in Quebec inside of a mall. Inside the mall there was an amusement park, with rides going right over the rink. There were people all around us and it was a really cool experience,” Kevin shared.

Kevin’s plan for the future is to hopefully play Jr hockey. Jr hockey is ice hockey for players between the ages 16-21, and is considered as amateur hockey.

“I would live in Texas, British Columbia, basically anywhere in Canada or the United States. I would live with a host family who takes in players from the team for 2 years, and depending on how well I play that’s how I’ll decide what college I’ll go to,” Kevin said.

Kevin couldn’t do all of this alone. “If it wasn’t for my family I wouldn’t be where I am today. We have all made sacrifices,” Kevin mentions his appreciation towards his parents, which is where his love for hockey all began.