Jarley: Joker x Harley or Just Harley?

With the release of DC’s Suicide Squad and beloved comic book/cartoon character Harley Quinn come to life, some men and women who have only seen the movie are announcing a new one true pairing, or OTP.

The Joker and Harley have been a classic comic couple since Harley’s character was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

While there are actually multiple stories of their beginning, the original story is this: The Clown King and Queen of Crime first met in an asylum where Harley was assigned to be the Joker’s psychiatrist.

Over the course of his treatment, the Joker told Harleen Quinnzel a number of manipulative lies in order to make her believe that he was the abused victim in situations between him and his father, and, more notably, his arch enemy Batman.

 First came intrigue, then sympathy, then love. Harley donned her alter ego and became the Joker’s sidekick after aiding him in escaping from Arkham Asylum.

Her love only grew from there… but it turned out that he didn’t always appear to feel the same.

He degraded, insulted, assaulted, and nearly killed Harley countless times throughout their relationship, and countless times did she leave only to return to him and start the cycle over.

This can only prove that a love like theirs is more toxic than Harley’s best friend, Poison Ivy, who would be a much better match with her, in my opinion. Thankfully it seems to have become canon in the New 52 version of the comics.

However, the movie’s release showed little to none of the infamous relationship between the two villains. In Suicide Squad, we get to know Harley apart from the Joker, and when he is with her, it shows more of the equally returned love and concern that you would expect from two people “in love”.

 The Joker risks his life to rescue Harley from her duties to the Squad and her physically in Belle Reve prison. He even-allegedly-pushes her out of a helicopter about to crash in order to save her life, while he presumably dies.

Though we do see some of his extreme possessiveness and manipulation, it’s nowhere near the level it had been made out to be the comic book/TV show versions.

However, it was revealed by the movie’s cast and producers that there are in fact deleted scenes that portray a more negative and abusive tone. Those scenes will be available for all to watch when the extended cut of the movie is released in November of this year.

So, really, it’s all up in the air as to the path they will continue to follow in any upcoming movies featuring Harley and the Joker’s romantic relationship. Either way, their’s is a love I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Neither one of these characters are perfect, whether alone or with the other.

However, it can surely be said by many that Harley could be better off alone… or with a certain sharp-shooter played by Will Smith in the Suicide Squad movie.

Really, all fans of her want is to see her happy.