Aquarium Club Swimming Ahead

     Anyone who has entered the classroom of Mr. Zimmerman, a Central Bucks South science teacher, must have noticed the gurgle of trickling water and the sight of a bright fish tank in the corner of the classroom.

     Take a closer look and you can identify the swimmers, including a Talbot damselfish and a yellow striped cardinalfish—results of the Aquarium Club at CB South.

     “Aquariums to me are like living works of art. With care and maintenance, that work of art will remain eye-catching,” stated Zijun Xu, the creator of the club and a student at CB South.

     Zijun established the club to promote saltwater fishkeeping and to give students hands-on experience in aquatic science.

     “When it comes to a marine tank, it is not as hard to maintain as people expect it to be, requiring far less care than a dog or cat,” he said. “I also started the club because I wasn’t able to keep saltwater fish at home.”

     Students will discuss tank projects and equipment; they will also test the water and clean the tank when needed.

     However, that’s not all that Aquarium Club has to offer.

     “I am hoping to incorporate labs on topics like the nitrogen cycle or ocean acidification,” Zijun said.

     This club is for anyone who is passionate about keeping fish and other underwater creatures. Or, possibly, anyone wanting to know more about marine biology, or maybe someone who needs a fun pass-time. Students interested should see Mr. Zimmerman in C221 for more details.