Let’s All Pile Off the Trump Train

Ryan Wirsch, Contributing Writer

     WASHINGTON – Let’s calm down on the Trump train.

     Sure he’s a political outsider, positioned to wreck the typical establishment and turn the whole government on its head. But he doesn’t have as many appealing features as everyone thinks.

     Trump frequently spits off-the-cuff comments, many of which we’ve seen from no other politician; the repercussions are not even a thought in his head. Attempting to deliver policies from his brain of fairytales and myths, his propaganda sticks with his radicalized voters.

      The more Trump freaks out and spews rude comments, the more Hillary’s slogan “Love Trumps Hates” becomes more prevalent.

     He betters himself at the expense of his voters, like when he addressed a room of African Americans and said they’re “already doing so bad,” and continued to say, “What the hell do [they] have to lose?”

     Trump habitually brings up his last thirty years as part of his stump speech, reciting the same lines from his already memorized speech.

     His last thirty years, faulted with scandals and indignities such as sexual assault, lewd comments not acceptable for most ears, and blatant racism. Just because he “calls it like it is” doesn’t mean he’s correct, politically or literally.

     His policies better him and his name as a whole, with tax breaks for corporate businesses and lower taxes on the wealthy, but then his campaign just hurts his name when he opens his mouth. How counterproductive; imagine what he’d do with the country.

     Trump also engages in dirty politics, bringing up the  previous affairs of Bill Clinton and saying Hillary trashed his “victims.” If anyone was a victim it was her, and if anyone else was being cheated on they’d probably all react the same way, negatively. She will not stick by and act like everything’s okay when someone does the most wretched thing; she’s a human too.

     And Bill is not even running. It says “Hillary” on the ballot, so whatever Bill did in office with whatever secretary belongs in the past with him. Both campaigns should look to a positive future, on their plans and ideas, not on the negatives of the past.

     Hillary on the other hand originated in fact. Her last 30 years has been built on a foundation of helping children with education, families struggling to get by, and the country as a whole.

     She doesn’t focus on the top one percent, which both candidates are a part of. She wants to close the gap between the rich and poor so everyone prospers, not just Donald Trump and his friends.

     Sure, many Trump supporters are tired of giving their money to those who “sit at home and don’t work,” but how will the wealthy continue to grow and flow while leaving a whole group of people behind? When the lower and middle class prospers, they in turn spend more, and in the end the wealthy gain more wealth back from that flow of capital, not just by money grubbing people being greedy and holding onto their money.

     Another topic that’s just so wrong is how Trump views Clinton on the Second Amendment. She doesn’t want to take guns away, she just wants regulate them so psychopaths don’t acquire guns as easy and shoot little infants in school.

     She is consistently blamed for the events in Benghazi when there was no credible threat against them. She wouldn’t have had to send in backup or defense for the soldiers if the ambassador didn’t opt to stay longer than he was originally planned. She acted on the information she was given, which clearly was a little blurry and tried to help Ambassador Stevens who opted to stay in Benghazi knowing the risks.

     All in all, the misinformed voters on the Trump Train should open a book, or even look at the past thirty years as the Donald likes to do. I’m sure if his support base took a good look back at each record, and became actually informed, not just from soundbites and commercials, they would sure jump off the Trump Train for sure and elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.