Student Spotlight: Jane Levin at the HOSA Competition

March 9th through 11th in Lancaster, PA was a time to showcase the talents of young scholars like Jane Levin, who competed in the state competition for Dental Science. Levin is a sophomore at CB South and a member of HOSA and took time out of her busy schedule to interview about her experience.

The hardest part about preparing for the competition in her opinion was knowing what to expect. As a sophomore, Levin had never competed in states before. “There was a lot of information to memorize,” she says. “By the time we got to the competition, some of the people we met had studied since November.”

Despite her feeling of unpreparedness, Jane had fun. “It was worth it in the end because it was a valuable life experience that I hold close to her heart,” she says. The reason she chose Dental Science as her category was because her mother is a general dentist. This competition taught her to look at things from a new perspective and allowed her to truly see what her mother does for a living.

“Nothing is easy. It all depends on perspective,” Jane says. She also recommends this competition to anyone interested in the field of healthcare, recognizing that not everyone is as fortunate as we are, and wants to help them by being a strong leader.

“HOSA is the first step on who you want to become.” From being a doctor to a firefighter, HOSA is a stepping stone that can help in leaps and bounds, such as in cases like Jane. She says, “I will definitely do the competition again next year, and who knows where I will be post-high school?” With a bright mind and a strong ambition like hers, anything is possible.

Special thanks to Jane Levin for interviewing and to Mrs. Graham for organizing the trip to Lancaster.