Dang, Daniel!


Stills of the video where it all began

Daniel Lara could not have possibly foreseen the amount of attention that his white Vans would garner.

A comical voice, screaming, “Dang, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans!” and a slightly uncomfortable-looking Daniel Lara are the highlights of the viral video.

Circulating on virtually every social media site, including Instagram and Snapchat, the “Dang Daniel” viral video has spotlighted the sudden rise of Internet celebrity in this technological age.

Times are changing, and Internet stars like Rebecca Black, Alex from Target, and now Daniel Lara are a reflection of that process.

The voice of the video, the man behind the camera, is Lara’s friend, Joshua Holz.

Exaggerating his syllables and breathing life into the filmography, Holz joined Lara for an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

With nearly 5 million views, and rising, Ellen DeGeneres can certainly take credit for some of the video’s popularity.

“Dang Daniel” has risen to fame, seemingly out of nowhere.

Analysts cannot identify the appeal of the video.

Is it the consumerist message? The trendy white Vans? Daniel Lara himself?

We may never know. But for now, hearing echoes of “Dang Daniel” is here to stay.

Speculations about the company Vans’ involvement have also dispersed.

Although Vans has declined to comment officially, and appears to have no connection to Lara or Holz, an increase in sales of white Vans is almost guaranteed.

“People will call and ask for us to hold a pair of white Vans, then come in and pick them up,” an employee at the Vans location in Montgomery Mall said. “Although, white Vans were already pretty popular before the video went viral,” she added.

A small store on the lower-floor of Montgomery Mall, Vans is packed from shelf to shelf with their namesake shoes. It is a paradise for youth who love the style.

With “Dang, Daniel!” being shared and shouted from hallway to hallway, South has certainly experienced a fair share of Lara’s white vans.

Yet, the Vans store in Montgomery Mall seems to be on the quiet side, rather than rowdy.

“Sometimes, groups of kids will walk outside our storefront and shout something about Daniel, but that’s about it,” the Vans sales associate remarked. “Normally, my co-workers and I just crack a joke and laugh it off.”

Who knows when the “Dang, Daniel!” viral video will finally rest its head? For now, expect to see an influx of white Vans-wearing street dwellers. “Dang, Daniel!” – the confusing, yet hilarious epitome of viral videos in social media.