Season of Gifting and Giving

Nearly everyone loves the holiday season. There’s no doubt about it. Regardless of the seasonal holiday you celebrate, you likely get to indulge in the selfish joy of opening presents, and the un-selfish joy of giving some too. Sometimes, buying things for other people can be a challenge, one that creates anxiety for the giver and sadness for the receiver. This happens if the gift is rushed, probably bought a couple days before the holiday, and therefore subpar in the eyes of the receiver.

Yes, it is the thought that counts, but let’s be real. Why spend your money on something you know the other person won’t like? This is the year to be fiscally responsible, and that does not mean boosting the economy with 200 dollar expenditures at Kate Spade. Hopefully this gift guide can help you navigate the broad abyss of gift-buying.

First, you have to look at a couple factors. One, who are you buying this gift for and how important is s/he in your life (I pray you don’t spend the same amount of money on your friends as your family; you give friends the gift of your presence). Next, what is your budget? Don’t spend so much on one person that you don’t have enough to go around.

Now that you’ve got that figured out, I shall bombard you with gift selections.

1) Face Masks. I recommend Sephora Collection Face and Eye Masks- ($6 each, Sephora). Stocking stuffers for every woman you know. And here’s a plus; they will want to use them. Giving something perishable as a gift almost always ensures that the receiver will try them out.

2) Phone Cases. My pick? I’m glad you asked. Ted Baker London ‘Dobos’ iPhone case- ($39, Nordstrom). The print is adorably chic.

3) Earrings/Jewelry. There are plenty of places to go, but the two easiest stores with the most beautiful selections have to be BaubleBar and Francesca’s. When picking out jewelry, have caution. If you get something a little wild, the chance of them liking it is 50/50. Try BaubleBar Juniper Ear Jackets ($32) or Francesca’s Morgana Fleur Studs ($18).

4) Planners. Give the gift of organization; bonus – it goes well with either gender. Lilly Pullitzer Large Agenda in Wild Confetti ($28), will most probably be loved by any girl (or mom), while The Runwell Planner by Shineola ($17.95) is perfect for any guy.

5) Movie Tickets. Buy around two or three and gift them to someone so they can have a good time with their friends. This is a gift they will most definitely use.

6) Headphones. Even if they already have a pair, a backup is always appreciated. A pretty pair from Happy Plugs will do (if you’re giving to a boy, they can be… “manly”). Happy Plugs Earbuds in Rose Gold ($30) or in Red ($25).

7) Candy. Find their favorite candy, buy it, and use it as an accomplice to any other present you might get them.

8) Mani/Pedi Giftcard. Guys do these too (obvs without the polish), so literally everyone loves them. Find a parlor close by and pay the sum of either one or both, with polish and without polish.

Holiday Tip: OUTLETS. GO. NOW. It’s understandable that most good quality products are not cheap, especially when they are full price. Go to the outlets to find brand specific items that would otherwise break the bank without sales. Trust me.

So here are eight different gifts you can consider this holiday season. Mix and match, add your own presents, wrap them up all cute, and you’ve got yourself some pretty happy receivers. You’ll feel good too, knowing they will enjoy whatever you got them. Have fun with it this year, and don’t let the pre-holiday preparations get you down. Happy Holidays!