2015–A Year in Review

Erin Burchell and Katelyn Wolfgang

As 2015 comes to end, let’s rewind the most memorable moments so far from the 2015-2016 school year.

First day of school, and for the sophomores, the first day of high school!:

As students came off the buses, they were greeted by the CB South marching band, who played classic tunes from the football games to get everyone pretty hype for the first day, along with the cheerleaders who added South school spirit. The administration greeted students as they entered the building with smiles from Dr. Davidheiser and the House Principals.

Josh Adams’ Notre Dame Success:

Our very own Josh Adams has had a great football season, and watching him on our TVs at home was just as good as watching him on our very own field. With Josh Adams breaking the Notre Dame record for longest touchdown return, watching the college football season was almost as awesome as watching our own.

Titan Terror:

This football season’s Titan Terror was as spirited as ever and will definitely pour over into the basketball season. There were so many students fired up and cheering on the football team. We couldn’t have better supporters!

Our Homecoming King and Queen:

Nothing was quite as amazing as seeing Lily Bowman and Nick McGee crowned homecoming king and queen. They lit up the whole school and the homecoming dance with their cheers and happiness, and it will stay a memorable moment of this school year.

Fall Fest: 

A South tradition before the homecoming football game, the Fall Fest allowed for all of the great clubs to gather together, raise money, and show off our school spirit. Fall Fest was a great way to lead into the football game and also helped the sophomores find their place in the many clubs South has to offer.

Did we miss anything? Comment below if your most memorable moment did not make the list.