Ways to Spend the New Year

2015 has been a wonderful and eventful year, but it has flown by right before our eyes. Now, we are less than a week from another year of making new memories. But how can we celebrate the New Year?

Throw a party: What better way to recount memories than be right beside your friends? This is a perfect occasion to flaunt that new dress or show off some killer shoes (just make sure to stay safe!)

Have a few friends over: The New Year is a perfect opportunity to dust off “Cards Against Humanity” and set up some unhealthy snacks. Talk, laugh, have a good time…end 2015 the same way you’ll remember it!

Date night: For anyone looking for date ideas, New Year’s is perfect for this. Go out into town and have a good time (maybe even watch the festivities in New York City!)

Spend time with family: As you ring in the new year, spending time with family keeps the warm and festive feeling close to your heart.

And if all else fails, Netflix and PJs are always good choices!