5 Seconds of Summer’s New Album “Sounds Good”


What do you think of 5SOS’s newest album?

Julie Wood, Arts and Entertainment Editor

5 Seconds of Summer’s new album Sounds Good Feels Good was released on October 23, and its fan base has gone wild because of it.  

Singles, “Hey Everybody,” “She’s Kinda Hot,” and “Jet Black Heart,” gave the fans a glimpse of what to expect for the new work. And what they heard was fun music with catchy beats. 

Although its known for their upbeat songs, the band included beautifully written music with deeper messages.  

The 5SOS boys have been known for being supporters of those who don’t seem to fit in, which is seen through their earlier song “Rejects.”  Now through their new songs “Invisible” and “Broken Home,” messages about trying to find a place in life and struggling with issues at home are evident.  

Jamilee Hoffman, a senior at South, has been a faithful fan since she saw the band in concert in her freshman year of high school.  

“[Songs like ‘Invisible” and “Broken Home’] make those that feel lost feel like they’re not alone and know that everyone is still finding their way in the world,” she said. “Telling the world about these problems through a song is so significant because so many seek inspiration through music, and 5 Seconds of Summer display their representation of these matters perfectly through their lyrics.”  

Even the upbeat songs contain messages about fitting in.  The song “She’s Kinda Hot,” which was presumably thought to be about a girl, is about feeling like an outsider but accepting it.  

The line, “We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene, yeah we’re alright though” has become the anthem for the fan base, giving everyone a sense of belonging and allowing them to accept who they are.  

5SOS will be on their U.S. Tour starting July 1 and they will be performing in Hersheypark Stadium on July 2, along with Susquehanna Bank Center on July 16.