A Whole New World for Titan Thespians

A Whole New World for Titan Thespians, Katelyn Wolfgang

Over the weekend of November 5, the Titan Thespians produced a killer performance of Disney’s Aladdin Jr, a production that mesmerized playgoers with the wonders of Agrabah, the kingdom where Aladdin takes place, from the moment they walked through the doors into South’s hanger.

While attendees waited in line, they were greeted by some of the townspeople of Agrabah, (or more like some of South’s finest actors).  Opening night was packed tight with smiling youngsters and adults who were gladly embracing their inner-child for the night.

Some might have worried that because Disney’s Aladdin Jr. was only an hour long that it would have missed the key moments of Aladdin the movie. However, these doubts were proven wrong with scenes including the classic songs: “Arabian Nights,” “Prince Ali,” “A Friend like Me,” and “A Whole New World.”

A great part of the show was the similarity to the movie that allowed the audience to follow along and become fully engaged. While all were glad to see their favorite parts of Aladdin in the play, what really blew people away was the talented singing and acting of the Titan Thespians.

The show was full of great scenes and performances; here are the highlights from South’s production of Aladdin Jr:

The set design crew did a wonderful job creating Agrabah, which included sets that changed with every scene and beautifully painted marketplaces and Arabian skies.

Along with great sets, the show also was full of authentic costumes that looked like they were straight out of Aladdin.

“Arabian Nights” was the first song, and it really set the high quality pace for the show as the entire ensemble gave a wonderful performance with some really dynamic movement.

Nick Mason, a senior, played Aladdin and became the personable street rat the audience knows and loves. Nick gave a delightful performance in “One Jump,” which kept the audience singing along. He did a great job making Aladdin come to life.

“Why me?” highlighted the wonderful acting of Jafar, portrayed by senior Eric McInnis, and Iago, played by junior, Jennifer Bongarzone. This number showed the comical dynamic between Jafar and Iago, as Iago constantly tries to please his master Jafar, which normally goes unnoticed.

During a “Friend Like Me,” the Genie, played by senior Ameer Dunn, made his first appearance. Ameer gave a modern approach to the enchanting Genie with witty, fresh jokes — at one point he became a basketball-playing Genie. As the Genie helped Aladdin achieve his dreams, the duo board the Genie’s magic carpet, which actually flew! Truly magical!

Well of course, “A Whole New World” was a spectacular moment between Aladdin and Jasmine, played by junior Mikaila Harper. The two gave a fantastic performance, inn which their voices blended beautifully and truly made for a special moment between the happy couple.

A Disney ending isn’t completed without a wedding. The show ended with the Sultan, senior Tyler Gittelman, coming full circle to give Jasmine away to be married to Aladdin, as the assemble sang “Prince Ali,” for the final time.

Overall, the leads and ensemble gave a spectacular performance of Disney’s Aladdin Jr, and developed positive momentum and excitement for the spring musical (April 8 and 9). Aladdin Jr. was only the beginning for the Titan Thespians, so make sure to show support for this talented group this spring.