CB South Homecoming King and Queen: Nick McGee and Lily Bowman


Congrats to CB South Homecoming Queen, Lily Bowman, and Homecoming King, Nick McGee! Photo from Nina DiSandro.

This past Friday, October 16, was one of the most anticipated days of the school year so far. Leading up to Friday was a school spirit week, featuring different days with themes like “90s Tuesday” and “Tropical Thursday,” with Friday being “Black vs. Blue,” the colors of CB South.

The school day ended with a pep rally where students and teachers competed in various activities, like a human version of Hungry Hippos with scooters and balloons and the classic tug of war. One of the highlights was when senior Nick McGee scored a half-court shot with a basketball. Kaleigh Lingman, Titan Council cabinet member, said “When Nick made that half court shot, the whole school went crazy! I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

After school, CB South hosted its annual Fall Fest, where extracurricular clubs and activities, ranging from the Robotics Club to the choir, were able to advertise their specialties. With a dunk tank, free apple cider, and a DJ, the Fall Fest brought the South student body and community together in one event.

Then after Fall Fest, it was Senior Spectator Night. All the seniors gathered at the end-zone of the football field to watch the home game against Abington. But the moment they were all waiting for was half-time, when there would be the crowning of Homecoming King and Queen.

The Homecoming King runner-ups were Jake Fitts, Connor Moffat, Kyle Monsalude, and Brandon Conway. The Homecoming Queen runner-ups were Devon Grosso, Noelle Roque, Taylor Dunn, and Nina DiSandro.

But the official CB South Homecoming King and Queen? Nick McGee and Lily Bowman.

Nick and Lily were overjoyed upon hearing they were Homecoming King and Queen and were congratulated with cheers and hugs all around. McGee excitedly ran to the stands and led the crowd in the “I believe” school chant. “I was happy to be nominated on the court, and it was a special time for all of us,” said Nina DiSandro, who was on the Homecoming Court., “But when I saw the reactions from Nick and Lily, it gave me chills. I thought it was the cutest thing, and it just shows how great of a community CB South is!”

“Lily and Nick are two of my best friends, and I can personally tell you that winning King and Queen was by far the greatest day of their lives,” said Josh Fields, who is a close friend of the two. “I’m extremely proud of the CB South community and the social barrier zones they were able to pass this past weekend.”

However, Nick and Lily didn’t just win the titles; they earned them. “Lily and Nick are the happiest and most lovable people I know, and truly embody the CB South community,” said Kaleigh, who was also there to see the crowning. “No one could have deserved it more than them!”

Nick and Lily aren’t just the CB South King and Queen. They’re also both much loved by the South community and student body. “I’ve known Nick since elementary school, and I can honestly say I’ve never ever met another person like him. His positive attitude, laugh, smile, school spirit, incredible dance skills, and friendliness are unmatched. You can’t spend a minute with him and not have a huge smile on your face,” Taylor Dunn, another close friend of the two, said.

And for Lily, Taylor said, “The first day I met Lily, she greeted me with a huge hug, even though we had never talked before. She is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met and is the perfect example of how everyone should live their lives: loving everyone, showing affection, and always having a smile.”

“Lily has the biggest heart you can imagine. She always has a smile on her face and welcomes everyone with a hug,” agreed Kaleigh.

As for the impact of this crowning? “I’m honored to be part of CB South, and I hope that more schools see what we have done here and mirror it,” said Josh.

Taylor agreed, “I hope that if students as amazing as Nick and Lily attend a different school, they are also crowned King and Queen. The King and Queen titles shouldn’t be given to the cutest couple; they should be given to the people who truly make a difference in the community, to the people whom everyone loves, to the people who can put a smile on anyone’s face no matter the day, and to the people who are nice to everyone regardless of his or her background. Nick and Lily fit these traits perfectly.”

CB South couldn’t be more proud of Nick and Lily. Congratulations to our Homecoming King and Queen!