A Cup of Java City

Time to skip the line at Starbucks, Titans! One of South’s newest and most popular places to be this year is Java City. Across from the main gym in the concessions stand, Java City is already causing a stir in the halls of CB South.

Founded in 1985 by Tom Weborg, Java City is a great place to get your coffee fix (and much more) before first block. They are even open during lunches and after school for those “I need my coffee, NOW” days. From straight coffee, to smoothies, to “Javalanches,” (a drink very similar to a frappuccino) and much more, Java City has it all. Whether you’re a coffee drinker, a tea drinker, or anything in between, there is bound to be a beverage for you at Java City.

South students have been raving over the many options that Java City has to offer. Here’s what some of your fellow Titans have to say about Java City:

1: What drinks have you tried at Java City so far?

“The cookies and cream javalanche with no coffee” – Quinn Fabryk

“I have tried the strawberry smoothie and the vanilla javalanche” – Chloe Hyde

“Javalanches, iced coffee, and hot chocolate” – Matt Dotzman

2: What is your favorite drink?

“The cookies and cream javalanche with no coffee” – Quinn Fabryk

“Probably the strawberry smoothie” – Chloe Hyde

“The cookies and cream javalanche” – Matt Dotzman

3: Would you compare Java City to Starbucks? If so, why or why not?

“Starbucks has a better variety” – Quinn Fabryk

“If I had to compare it, I’d say nothing beats Starbucks. You can’t have expectations like that. Plus, Java City is more original in the sense that it has its own spin on frappuccinos” – Chloe Hyde

“Yes. Java City has the same best quality taste as Starbucks and for the price, it’s outstanding. They are all under my budget and [have] great sizes” – Matt Dotzman

4: What do you find convenient about Java City?

“It’s so close to the cafeteria” – Quinn Fabryk

“The fact that it’s in the school is pretty nice. Also, the fact that they are so organized is pretty convenient” – Chloe Hyde

“It’s so convenient that it’s open in the morning [and] during lunch because those are the times that I’m ready to get a cup” – Matt Dotzman

5: What do you find inconvenient about Java City?

“The line’s always so long” – Quinn Fabryk

“The fact that there is always such a long line in the beginning of the day that if you don’t get there early, you most likely won’t have time to get a drink” – Chloe Hyde

“If they maybe had one more person behind the counter, it would make the lines be faster” – Matt Dotzman

6: How could Java City be improved?

“Add more drinks, not coffee” – Quinn Fabryk

“Java City could have different lines to stand in. One for coffee and one for other [drinks], that way it would be a more speedy process” – Chloe Hyde

“One more person behind the counter” – Matt Dotzman

Are you curious what the Java City staff has to say about some of your commonly asked questions? Here’s what Aramark’s general manager, Leah Huf, had to say about Java City.

1: What influenced the decision to bring Java City to CB South?
We are always looking for ways to partner with the school district to offer a variety of choices to our students. Over the past five years we have opened Java City locations at CB West and CB East, and we were excited to be able to open at CB South this year.

2: Do you have a personal favorite beverage from Java City?
Some of our staff favorites are the 100% Fruit Mango Smoothie, Cinnamon Roll Latte, and Chai Tea Javalanche

3: Can Java City beverages be modified to meet certain dietary requirements? (Ex: low fat milk, sugar free, etc.)
Yes! We offer Low Fat, 2% Milk, and Soy Milk options. We also offer Sugar Free Syrups.

4: Are there any special promotions or events coming to Java City that students should look out for?
Always! Every month we have a featured flavored javalanche, latte, and a specialty coffee of the month. This fall’s promotion is a Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Javalanche, and an Apple Caramel Javalanche. Keep an eye out for Peppermint options coming this Winter. We also offer gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and salads, such as a chicken BLT, bacon chicken ranch wrap, and a garden salad with chicken.

Java City is open from 7-7:20am, 10:40-11:18, 11:27- 11:48, 11:57-12:18, 12:27-12:50, and at the end of school.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Java City, you can find more info at www.javacity.com