Mrs. Pustay All the Way

Sophia Wang, Staff Writer

The beginning of the school year saw the influx of Class of 2018 students. However, the sophomores weren’t the only people new to the building. This year, a new Sophomore House Principal, Mrs. Bridget Pustay, joins us.

Mrs. Pustay comes from Tohickon Middle School, where she taught English. She cited her father, a former English teacher, as her main inspiration.

“I think five-year-old me would have been very excited and happy to know what my job is today,” Mrs. Pustay said, adding that she looks forward to coming to school every day and to interacting with the “great community” at CB South. “The Class of 2018 has been a pleasure.”

“My biggest advice to everyone is get involved,” Mrs. Pustay said. “Especially for students who may be on the shyer side.” During high school, she was involved with student council, track, cross country, debate, drama, and charity organizations. Participating in a variety of events helped high-schooler Mrs. Pustay become more outgoing and develop leadership qualities that are essential to her job today.

Mrs. Pustay was also Tohickon’s head cheer coach. Interestingly, she herself was not a cheerleader in high school, preferring to focus on cross-country and track instead. However, she was so committed to contributing to the community that she attended a cheer camp to learn all about cheerleading.

As for her personal plans this school year, Mrs. Pustay and her husband already took their two children out for their annual before-school fun day. “It helps get their first-day jitters out,” she said. She’s also looking forward to choosing this year’s Halloween costume.

And it turns out that in some ways, administrators aren’t that different from students. “My favorite artist is Rachel Platten,” said Mrs. Pustay. “But lately, I’ve been listening to Andy Grammer a lot as well.” Students might be surprised to find out that she even packs her lunch, just like us. “Usually I’ll have a sandwich, but I always have gluten-free Oreos,” she said. Mrs. Pustay is very passionate about supporting the community, interacting with the student body, and consuming gluten-free Oreos on the daily!

Time flies by at CB South, but it’s important to slow down once in awhile. Getting involved in new activities and meeting new people is a great way to make the most of your high school experience. Mrs. Pustay is a wonderful addition to the Titan family, and certainly a fun and engaging person to get to know!