Black vs. Blue Plans for Another Successful Night

Tricia DeCesare, Contributing Writer

Black versus Blue Night will be carrying on its tradition for its second year for Central Bucks South students.

Black vs. Blue is a school-wide competition that takes place over the span of a week and generates school spirit. It will be held at South in the cafeteria, pool, and gym the week of March 14, 2016.

“Black versus Blue Night is a school event filled with competition, laughter, music, and food,” Blue Bruiser’s General Sam Mrozinski said.

Mrs. Warren, CB South Art teacher and coordinator for Black vs. Blue Night, said that this event will be “one of the most exciting parts of the school year,” and that “people should plan to participate.” Last year, CB South Students Tyler French and Melissa Madden organized the first ever CB South Black vs. Blue Night, modeled after the event that other schools such as William Tennent and Hatboro-Horsham have held in the past.

CB South senior Taylor Dunn said, “I was excited to hear Black vs. Blue Night was coming to South because other schools looked like they had a ton of fun at their event.” Last year’s event included Pool Night and Gym Night, along with food, drinks, and music by ZJ Entertainment.

This year, Black vs. Blue plans to include previous events but add additional, unique competitions to it. This year, Black vs. Blue will again be broken up into two main nights — Pool Night and Gym Night — but will also include other smaller competitions taking place during lunches leading up to the main events. Competitions during lunches will begin the week of March 14th and will include Mario Kart races and Hacky Sack games. Pool Night (March 17) and Gym Night (March 18) will include relay races, obstacle courses, tug-of-war, crab soccer, and a dance and sing off.

The competitions at the event will incorporate a variety of groups of people, and Mrs. Warren said that there will be “something for everyone.”

“I think it’s important for people to realize that this year’s competitions will offer options for everyone,” said Sam. “There will be events for swimmers, singers, dancers, and artists.”

The school will be broken into two teams, Black Magic and Blue Bruisers. The Black team will be students with last names beginning with letters A-L with guidance counselors Monk, Hill, and T. Barrett. The Blue team will be students with last names beginning with M-Z with guidance counselors V. Barrett, McGroggan, and Ladley.

Black vs. Blue will offer a variety of ways to be involved. Students can interview to be captains, sign up to participate in events, or even just sit in the crowd with their team to support them. “Even if you don’t want to be in the competitions you should still sit in the stands and cheer on your team because it’s fun, and everyone is hyped up,” senior spectator Brenda Ewart said.

Even non-South students can attend and participate as spectators. Mrs. Warren says that Black vs. Blue is a “great time” and “so exciting to watch.” In the past, parents, siblings, and students from other high schools have attended as spectators in the stands.

There will be a general meeting for students interested in participating in the competitions around mid-end of January. Students can choose which specific events they want to participate in, geared to their interests. “Last year I was involved in tug-of-war, Simon Says, and crab soccer,” said Taylor. “I loved being a part of these events because it incorporated a variety of students.”

Students have the opportunity to become captains for their team by applying for the position in early October. They will be interviewed by Generals Molly Hughes, Luke Kohler, Sam Mrozinski, and Tim Waddington for the position. “We are looking for someone who is responsible, helpful, and outgoing to be captains. It would help if you are a little athletic too, but you don’t have to be,” said Sam.

Students will also have the opportunity to design t-shirts for each of the teams. These t-shirts will be sold to and worn by the students for the day(s) of the events.

Although Black vs. Blue is meant to be friendly competition and generate even more school spirit, an ultimate winner will be crowned at the end of Gym Night. This winner will be determined by the team with the most points. Points will be granted to the team who sells the most t-shirts, wins the most competitions, has the most participants, and has the most creative posters.

Last year, Black Magic was the champion, but this is a brand new year and the title is up for grabs. Taylor said that she thinks Black will win for a consecutive year because “the team has a lot of spirit and many competitive participants.”

But, if you ask Blue Bruiser’s participant Meghan Tome, she’ll tell you, “I think Blue will win because we came really close to winning last year and this year we want revenge!”

Black vs. Blue will be approaching quickly. Keep a lookout for information on the scroll about meeting dates, times, and locations.For additional information students can click on “Students” under the Parents/Students tab for CB South and click on Black vs. Blue. With any questions, students can email [email protected] or contact Mrs. Warren or any of the generals in charge.