Come to the Homecoming Dance on October 17!

It’s Saturday night after the most popular football game. It has already been an energetic week filled with school spirit, daily themes during the school days, a crazy pep rally and an informative Fall Fest. Girls already have their dresses and the boys are putting on their button down shirts and ties. It’s the night of the Homecoming Dance.

Blue and black will be ever-glowing in the cafeteria on October 17 at 7pm, for the annual CB South Homecoming Dance. Many students will grab their friends or their significant others and come out to enjoy the music, food and the welcoming vibe.

According to Mr. London, sophomore class adviser and coordinator of this year’s event, this event is intended to “[bring] everyone together” and “show school spirit,” so he’s expecting a “good turnout” from each grade. Mr. London has indicated that he has been planning this event since last June and will incorporate various aspects like the Yogurtland catering, cafeteria location, and school spirit theme of former homecomings into this one.

Another aspect that will stay the same as previous years will be the picture taking in the gym. The Homecoming Committee will also add some of the students’ perspectives to the dance to make it more geared to the student body’s interests.

He also mentioned that this “semi-casual” event will include a previously used DJ that will be taking song requests before the dance, and he reminded students to stay tuned to the school announcements to find out how.

All those intending to bring a date outside of school are expected to fill out a guest form available at the ticket sale table. South students are allowed to fill out a form for one additional guest, with the principal’s approval.

Tricia DeCesare, senior, said, “I’m excited about getting to spend my last homecoming dance with all of my friends,” and would advise all who haven’t gone before to go and “take advantage of all the high school events.”

Another senior, Tim Radwanski, commented that he’s looking forward to the “awesome DJ” and will be attending with his girlfriend. He said the best way he’s seen a guy ask his girlfriend to homecoming was a firefighter who stood on his ladder outside his girlfriend’s bedroom window. Tim has gone to several dances before and tells those who are going for the first time to have fun and dance.

Meghan Tome, senior, also commented in respect to the upcoming festivity, saying that she is looking forward to going to the dance with her friends. “It’s going to be my last. I want to make the most of the year.”

Another twelfth grader, Connor Matsinger, shared his excitement for the upcoming dance. He said that although he hasn’t attended homecoming before, he is looking forward to the “dancing and the DJ.”

Sophomores have also expressed their thoughts about the dance. Lexi Gruber, tenth grader, said she’s going to homecoming with her friends but “doesn’t know what to expect” since she’s never gone before. However, she did see a boy ask a girl to homecoming one time and said “he asked her on a truck with a sign.”

Sophomore Connor Anderson said he’s going to homecoming and is excited about “being with friends.” Like Lexi, he has also seen people ask their dates to homecoming with big signs that have “HOCO?” written on them. Tori Moyer, also a sophomore, said that she’ll be going with her friends and is looking forward to “seeing the dresses” at the dance.

Even Principal Davidheiser commented on the CB South website that the school administration “is looking forward to numerous events which are sure to be memorable …includ(ing)…the Homecoming Dance.”

So come out, CB South student body, because as Mr. London put it the best, it will not only be a “spirit builder,” but also “the best Homecoming yet.”