Falling for Fall Fashion

Haleigh Barstow, Staff Writer

It’s October 2015. The nights are getting chillier, and you can almost smell the faint wafts of pumpkin spice in the brisk air. A swarm of girls fill the school halls in an array of ripped skinny jeans and combat boots, sporting various shades of maroon. So what does fall fashion have in store for fall 2015 that’s different from 2014?

According to Vogue fashion magazine, this fall will have an explosion of pantsuits, various velvet pieces, and plenty of white blouses parading the streets of New York. Elle fashion magazine predicts the hot new trend will be one shoulder wonders, high waisted everything, and even a comeback of plaid. Will this be the case for CB South students?

Sophomore Amanda Hughes said, “Fall wouldn’t be fall without cuffed skinny jeans and a comfy flannel to wear them with.”

Recently flannel has been the growing movement. Either buttoned, with a tee shirt, or tied around the waist, there are plenty of ways to style this must-have piece this fall. Also popular in 2014, flannel is definitely not new to this fall.

Sophomore Shahlo Solieva said, “My staple piece for fall is always a maroon sweater, black combat boots, and maroon or grey socks to match.”

Maroon has always been a must-have color every fall. Just like orange, navy, and other deep reds, maroon is an iconic trendy fall color that everyone will soon be wearing.

Falling for fall fashion? We are too!