Fall Festivities

Dakota Hurwitz and Shannon Kelly, Staff Writers

With fall having just begun, there are plenty of exciting things to look forward to in the month of October.  There are club opportunities, football games, and even homecoming.

Being as we are sophomores, we were very intrigued when we heard about Fall Fest.  What is it?  What can we do?  Who will be there?  Well, those questions are answered now.

On October 16th, different clubs from South have their own stations and showcase what they do.  There are also many events, free food, and music.  Fall Fest is a great way to find your interests and figure out ways to get involved.

Ashley Magee, a senior, loves Fall Fest. “I went last year and had a blast. It’s right before the football game, and it’s very spirited.”

An easy way to get involved in our school is coming and supporting the varsity football games.  All football games at home are on Friday nights and spirited out, meaning that everyone dresses in the same color or style, to cheer as one.  The upcoming games in October are on the 9th, 16th, and 30th.

October 16th is a very big day at our school.  Varsity and Junior Varsity sports have games, there’s Fall Fest, a home football game, and it’s the day before homecoming…

Yes, homecoming!  Homecoming is on October 17th, and it is a great way to have fun with your friends while getting involved at a school-wide event.  There’s music, dancing, food, games, and people having a great time.

We hope to see you at all of these great upcoming events!