The 2nd Annual Chalk-a-Palooza

Nina Disandro (left) and Emily Cid (right) are working together to draw the medical symbol for the HOSA square.

A few years ago, when South first opened, the hallways after school were eerily quiet and everyone had gone home. Now almost every day until 6 pm, the sounds of students bustling around echo throughout the building as kids come and go from multiple clubs and organizations.


Each year, students create clubs that are unique in their interests, whether it be community service projects or the arts, that other students are able to attend and explore its opportunities.


The bond that students have made through these clubs has made the large community at South much more close-knit and intimate.


LINK, a leadership organization, has taken it one step further.


On September 16th, 2015, LINK united all the clubs together at the back courtyard to decorate the bare sidewalk with club depictions for a second year in a row. It was inspired by a Chalk-a-Palooza event held at a college a few years ago.


Mr.Melvin, the LINK advisor, said that “it is a neat way for kids to come and support the clubs.”


Walking along the middle grid, each way you look, students are working hard on artistic designs with different shades of chalk.


It brings students of different talents together to socialize. Members from athletic clubs are able to socialize with members from art clubs, and both meet kids they may not normally come in contact with, making the day much more rewarding.


There were students who joined together to commemorate South students who are no longer with us — Caroline Gallagher, Steve Grabowski, and Chris Sydlowski — by dedicating a large pavement for them.


LINK leader Helena McKendrick describes the turnout of Chalk-a-Palooza as a success and said she was “excited to see so many sophomores out [there]” to get familiar with the numerous South clubs.


The day ended as students finished up their chalk masterpieces that would be a pleasant change of scenery for the next few weeks.