Apply Yourself: The Scoop on College Applications

Emily Nardo, Staff Writer and Editor

Application deadlines are slowly creeping up on seniors, with most Early Action deadlines due in early November.  At this point, most seniors are finished filling out the Common Application, which they can use to apply to most colleges. Some universities offer their own application or supplemental essays in addition to the Common App essays.

Now, seniors should be focusing on keeping their grades and their overall GPAs up, while still staying involved in school events and clubs. Time management is key in the college application process, since there are so many different aspects to keep track of.

Likewise, between teacher recommendations and counselor recs and sending test scores and requesting transcripts, it’s easy to lose track of things. If seniors are having trouble staying organized and on top of things, I recommend making a list of the steps they need to complete in the college process. This way, everything is laid out in front of them, so they can plan and prioritize their tasks at hand.

Also, seniors should keep in mind that they need to submit their applications before filling out a transcript request form and then the green teacher recommendation form. It’s an extremely tedious process, but it will hopefully pay off in the end to be organized and have applications submitted early.