Class of 2017 Student Council for 2015-16 Year

Joy Zhao, Staff Writer

After a tight race of 13 stellar candidates, it has concluded with the final five selected officers for the upcoming Junior class. This year’s election campaigns were tweaked to allow peers to get to know the candidates’ personalities and their visions.

Instead of hanging up multiple posters throughout the entire school, the new model was designed to assign a library window for each candidate to fill with traits and goals. As students and staff walked pass the library, pictures of the candidates’ favorite activities, contributions, and quirks, fitting to portray their personalities, embellished the long hallway.

The televised speeches were also adjusted to give each candidate an opportunity to communicate his or her specific ideas and opinions. Instead of a long, prepared speech, candidates gave short answers to questions like, “What do you want to be your greatest contribution?” within the allotted 30 second time frame. These were all efforts to allow the voters to connect with the candidates, which is extremely helpful for such a large student body.

After a great deal of hard work and dedication, the Class of 2017 elected Leah Pursell, Joy Zhao, Kyle Farrell, Devon Preston, and Maria Maltepes, the previous Sophomore Student Council, back on board. They have said that they are excited to work closely with the other officers and be part of South’s amazing events as well as innovate exciting activities.

Don’t worry, hot chocolate and water ice are in the works to expand to other items corresponding to seasons and holidays as well. Congratulations to the new officers!