15 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer


Have fun this summer! Photo from D. Sharon Pruitt via Flickr under Creative Commons license

  1. Watch six seasons worth of your favorite show on Netflix
  2. Try not to drown while swimming in the pool/ocean. (Well, maybe…depending on how attractive the lifeguard is…)
  3. Hit up all those country concerts, even though you don’t actually know any of the songs
  4. Get bronzed at the beach #golden
  5. Go on a road trip with no maps
  6. Blow up your instagram feed with artsy pictures from all your adventures
  7. Finally read that book that you’ve been meaning to read since last November
  8. Meet new people on the boardwalk
  9. Ride a camel
  10. Have a paint-throwing party
  11. Turn up….(your music, of course)
  12. Cruise down to Starbucks to try the new summa flavors of tea, etc
  13. Don’t forget to get a pair of Tumblr worthy sunnies
  14. Go strawberry picking. Who doesn’t like strawberries?
  15. Lastly, stock up on sparklers, so you can be “super hip” and spell words with the lights**

**disclaimer…this is supposed to be a joke