Connecting with Titans Connect


Members of Titans Connect having fun together! Photo from Amelia Siwa

Relationships are built upon connections—connections we make between one another, which lead to lasting friendships. And at CB South, one club has created a community where these connections are made. As phrased by Josh Fields, the treasurer, Titans Connect is “creating a more inclusive community by joining typical teens with their peers with special needs.”

“Titans Connect gives all sorts of people an opportunity to make friends and relationships,” added Carly Kelly, the president of Titans Connect. “Whether someone has special needs or is just a shy person, we have created a judgment free environment where people can just be themselves.”

Since its founding in 2013, Titans Connect has developed into an integral part of CB South. Carly said, “Being here before the club was created and then being a part of its creation and watching it grow has been absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of everything this club has to offer!”

Even though this is only the second year of the club, Josh said, “I have noticed a major decline in ignorance towards kids with special needs, as the school becomes a more accepting place.” He personally felt like he “had become way more accepting of all people and has learned to not be so quick to judge.”

Those who have been involved with Titans Connect are able to attest to the invaluable experiences they have had with the club. Whether it is the monthly Board Game Club, Field Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Party, Girls Night In, or Gamers’ Night, Fields said that no one leaves without making amazing memories. Most recently the club held Karaoke Night in February, and in April, there was Titans Connect Prom—a highlight of the club.

These opportunities to meet new people and be a part of this inclusive community are what makes Titans Connect stand out from the rest of the clubs at South—they connect all kinds of people.

A number of South students have already joined Titans Connect, and Carly believes that people should join this club because it is making a difference in our school and community. “The more members we have, the more we can spread our ideas and positive attitudes,” she said.

To join, please contact any of the Titans Connect council members or pick up an application in Mrs. Wanczyk’s room.

After all, the connections you make with the most unexpected people may be the most unexpected friendships that could last a lifetime—and it is all thanks to Titans Connect.