Safe Driving at South

Libby Richman, Staff Writer

With the weather forecast predicting a snowy winter season, safe driving is an understated yet important issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the safety for everyone. While the snow on the ground can be a pretty sight, it can also lead to ugly accidents on the road.

Through snow, rain, sleet, or hail, windshield washers are the key to helping you to see. Make sure your windshield washers are working and sturdy. Tires should be properly inflated with the right amount of air, especially since the colder temperatures that could cause the air pressure and volume of the tires to decrease.

When you are driving, it is crucial to go slowly because you can lose a portion of your traction if there is snow or black ice on the ground.  Even if everything in your car may appear fine,  please be aware of the other drivers and keep a safe distance from them because you never know when their brakes could fail do to the slippery conditions.

If your engine is powered by gas, which most cars are, it will take more battery power to start your car so the battery may die faster.  Because of this, it is a good idea to routinely check your car battery.

Another important thing to remember while taking your car out in this weather is to plan travel times. By checking the weather and road conditions, you can leave early to avoid an approaching storm.

And as always, one of the most important, but simple, things to remember this winter is to wear a seatbelt! Here’s to a safe driving season, South!