Metotep Coffeehouse: Coffee, Poetry, Music, and Outer Space


Enjoy some coffee while listening to poetry, short stories, and music! Photo from Brandon Shea via Flickr under Creative Commons license

CB South’s art and literary magazine, Metotep, once again hosted its annual winter coffeehouse. On January 29, starting at 2:30pm in the library, the ingenious and innovative gathered for a sharing of souls.

This year, the theme was outer space. Planets and stars and nebulae adorned the already unusual home of Mr. Pecic, though senior editor-in-chief, Noelle Marasheski, assured readers that “it literally is just for the decor; it doesn’t have any influence on what is read or published. However, if people wanted to read outer space stuff, of course that’s cool.”

The showcase began as most gatherings of adolescents do: snacks.

“There were a lot of snacks and sweets and tea, and coffee, of course!” Metotep editor Kathryn Wang reported. Years past have seen Keurigs, hot cider, Earl Grey, and half a dozen plates piled high with cookies.

After the food table was sufficiently empty, the art emerged. Though Metotep is known primarily for its poetry, other forms are displayed. The strumming of guitars and the moaning of violins floated to the rafters. Portfolios were opened to reveal beauty we might not think our peers capable of. Metotep staffer Erik Pirmann revealed they  “hosted a slam poet or two.”

However, it’s all very impromptu. Students are free to perform if they feel the urge inside of them. Marasheski describes it as “a fun event for people of all backgrounds to share their stuff.” Even if you get the yearning to share some poetry but don’t have any with you, there are poetry anthologies gathered on the tables for some tried and true poems.

Generally, for those familiar with AP Euro or 18th century France, the Metotep coffeehouse resembles a salon: a congregation of people who wish to broaden their minds and inspire themselves while simultaneously filling their stomachs.

Editors Marasheski, Wang, and Ariel Hannum jointly encourage both attendees and absentees to submit their work, even if it is not read at the coffeehouse.

Senior Marlee McCadden describes the coffeehouse best of all: “It’s a really unifying experience where CB South students can really delve into and appreciate all types of poetry and art.”

Hope to see you there.