Trivia Crack: An App to Fuel Your Addiction to Trivia

Emily Nardo, Staff Writer

Trivia Crack hit the app market a couple of months ago and quickly shot to the top of the App Store leaderboard. It currently is still taking over the number one spot, showing how addicting the game really is.

So, what exactly is this app?

Trivia Crack allows people to create usernames or link their Facebook accounts to play against their friends or random opponents. Each game starts by  prompting the users to spin a wheel. The wheel consists of all the different categories of questions offered—History, Art, Entertainment, Sports, Science, and Geography. If the wheel lands on the purple tab with a picture of a crown, the user gets to pick in which category he or she wants to answer a trivia question. Once the category has been selected, the player keeps answering questions until the bar beneath the wheel is filled. After three questions, the player will be prompted to pick a category and answer a question correctly to receive the “sticker” (the sticker is the little picture representing each category).  The goal of the game is to collect one sticker for each category. So, whoever gets all the stickers first, wins.

Additionally, this app is incredibly user friendly—it super easy to add friends and navigate around the app. One feature offered is the ability for users to  submit their own questions to be asked in one of the categories.  They even give credit to whoever thought of the question.

Come join the hype today and download Trivia Crack.  Don’t worry, it’s free.