Taste of South Cookbook

Lauren Fleming, Staff Writer

Recipes. Family traditions. Sacred secrets to community and culture. This holiday season, CB South’s Interact Club and Anonymous Aid Association teamed up to bound together the recipes of teachers and students in a cookbook for the entire community to enjoy.

In the beginning of October, both clubs started collecting recipes through an online cookbook publisher that allowed teachers and students to input their recipes directly into an online form. It also organized all of the recipes and put them into a format that got it publishing-ready.

Despite some obstacles in recipe collection, the clubs were able to get over 100 recipes from more than 80 teachers, faculty, and students. From Glazewski’s Pumpkin Pancakes to Barrett’s Carrot Lyonnaise to Mattern’s Texas Brisket, there are delicious recipes for everyone in the Taste of South Cookbook.

And not only is this a great book, but it supports great causes. The profits raised through the sale of these books will go directly to the charities that the Interact Club and Anonymous Aid Association supports.

For Interact Club, this means donating to Shelter Box International, an organization that sends shelter boxes — the supplies necessary for survival — to refugees abroad. Shelter boxes contain a tent, food, water, cooking supplies, blankets, and even stuffed animals and books for the children. This organization makes it possible for those facing extreme hardship to start over with the necessities they need to do so.

For Anonymous Aid Association, this means donating to local organizations that help to feed, clothe, and provide aid to those in the South community that can’t provide for themselves. It donates to charities that help achieve these goals.

Rest assured, you can be sure to be picking up some delicious recipes, all while donating to the South community and charities both local and international when you purchase a copy of the Taste of South Cookbook.

Cookbook’s are $10 and will be on sale at events at South such as the Curriculum Fair, Back to School Night, and Spring Concerts. If you would like to order one directly, get in touch with Mrs. Brouda for an order form.

Projects like the cookbook show what can happen when the South community comes together for a good cause. Thanks for your support South!