Steph Litzenberger Shoots a Goal to an Ivy League

Those who know junior Steph Litzenberger, a stand out member of the CB South field hockey team, might be surprised to learn that she never intended to even learn the sport. “At first I didn’t even want to play field hockey, but my mom made me,” she said. “Who would have known that six years later I’d want to go to an Ivy League for it?”

Aside from playing field hockey, Steph also is involved in many activities such as Titan Council, Titans Connect, and the Warriors for Tim fashion show. She is also a very good snowboarder.

Steph started playing field hockey in fifth grade when she moved to Warrington from Coopersburg, PA. When Steph first moved here, she didn’t have a lot of friends, so her mom signed her up to play WWAA field hockey. At first, she was livid about it. She did not want to play at all.

“Come on, imagine a little fifth grader going on a team and not knowing anyone. Meanwhile, the girls on the team were all friends already! It was terrifying,” said the now star field hockey player.

Steph usually plays center forward or left forward, though she sometimes plays midfield. As a forward, Steph has the responsibility of keeping the ball in the offensive third during the games and making sure that she drops back when it is needed.

Steph stuck with field hockey for so long because she was naturally good at it. As time went on, she said that the game “posed many new challenges.” That is something that she loves about the game.

If Steph wanted to learn how to use new formations on the field, she would take an afternoon and perfect the skills. “I like the challenge that field hockey provides and how it makes me want to increase my playing skills.”

Aside from being stellar on the field, Steph is also an amazing student. She maintains a 4.1 cumulative GPA on and off-season.  She is looking at many different Ivy League colleges, including Harvard, Yale, and Columbia.

Steph recently visited Harvard and is starting their recruiting process in the fall. Harvard is Steph’s top school for a few reasons. The first is that she loves the city of Boston. However, she also loves the learning environment that Harvard would provide her. Like field hockey, Harvard delivers challenges every day, and Steph loves a good challenge.

Steph just recently visited Columbia and fell in love with the campus. She talked to the field hockey coach at Columbia and watched one of the team’s games.

But for right now, Steph is looking forward to seeing where field hockey takes her.