Halloween Orchestra Concert

Joy Zhao, Staff Writer

Just two days before Halloween, the CB South Orchestra and Chamber Strings performed a spectacular repertoire conducted by the beloved Mr. Hensil. The orchestra members dressed up in their wacky costumes in the spirit of Halloween, with Mr.Hensil sporting a Coke “ensemble.”

For those who love classical movies and Broadway musicals, CB South Orchestra played famous themes from well-known hits that everyone enjoyed singing along to.

“Defiance,” based on the motion picture, sounded extremely powerful with the tension building up measure after measure, strengthened by the dominant violin solo by Brendan Leary. Afterwards, the famous love theme from The Godfather put the audience in a trance with its mesmerizing sway, especially with the beautiful violin solo by Emily Cid.

The last catchy musical hit was “For Good” from the Broadway musical Wicked. During intermission, Mr. Hensil hosted a screaming competition with three small participants who were full of ear-shattering screams, and their efforts were rewarded with a dollar.

Next, CB South and West Chamber Strings performed the exciting “Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor” by Vivaldi, with the talented Brendan Leary and Avyay Kuchibotla as the soloists. Chamber Strings concluded with the uplifting “Suite from Holberg’s Time” by Grieg that had the audience on their feet.

Finally, CB South Orchestra finished off the concert with the “Roses from the South Waltz,” A Rose for Emily that portrayed an eerie scene from Faulkner and the haunting classic, “Danse Macabre,” by Saint-Saens. This mostly Halloween-themed concert was a “spooky” success!