What Does CB South Think About the Upcoming Winter?

Dikembe Wilkins, Contributing Writer

In a few days, winter will officially be upon the residents of Bucks County, and CB South has an opinion on what this season will be like.

Last year, the many snowstorms hindered CB South students’ abilities to travel safely to school, resulting in multiple snow days. The multiple unplanned days off were to the liking of most students, until the amount of snow days exceeded the supply of snow days that were built into the calendar. More school days were then added to the end of the school year.

With winter approaching, CB South students and staff have their own thoughts on the upcoming season.

Senior Dan Young hopes that this winter won’t be as bad as last year’s.

Senior Eric Knell agrees with Young and feels that this winter will be “absolutely terrible” but intends to spend every snow day he gets “frolicking in the glistening, white snow.”

Winter is more than just a time of difficult weather; it is also a season that brings forth anticipation.

Senior Dan Young, while concerned with the weather, is still looking forward to the cold weather and basketball season.

Senior Jocelyn Guzman is looking forward to winter because it is a time when she can go to New York and spend time with her friends.

Underclassman Debra Kacsarska, along with senior Jess Volm, is in anticipation for the holiday season.

Senior Dan Shields is most looking forward to going to the South hockey games this year.

And of course, it seems high school students are always interested and anticipating snow days.

Andrew Adames, when asked what he was most looking forward to this winter, enthusiastically replied, “Snow days, of course!” Adames also said that he would spend his snow days “reading, watching TV, and drinking hot chocolate.”

Senior Jack Mummert plans to spend his snow days playing video games and occasionally going outside.  Jess Volm and Dan Shields have little intention of leaving their respective couches as they intend to spend their entire snow days watching TV and Netflix.

While the students and teachers get to spend their snow days at home, people such as Senior House Principal Mr. Bauer still have to go to work.

Mr. Bauer spends the beginning of his snow days at school catching up on paper work, but when he goes home, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing with his kids in the snow.

Although Mr. Bauer doesn’t get snow days off, he does get to take time off during winter break. “When I do have time off, I spend it with my family,” he said.

Since winter break is during the holidays, he gets to enjoy the time he spends with his family during his favorite holiday, Christmas.

This year the senior house principal is looking forward to his first winter in which he does not have to worry about the Keystones, and he wishes his fellow principals the best of luck.

To Mr. Bauer, the best thing about winter is the time he gets to spend skiing up in Vermont. When Mr. Bauer was in high school, he was a swimmer and was not allowed to go skiing because he might get hurt. Now that he is not swimming, he can use his free time to ski.

Unlike the school district staff such as the custodians and principals, teachers do not have to come into school on snow days.

As a teacher and parent, Mr. Hetrick said, “I spends my snow days trying to get done about two hours of work to catch up, as well as playing and shoveling the driveway with my kids.”

Back in high school, he would just try to sleep in as long as possible and hang out with his friends.

This winter Mr. Hetrick is looking forward to getting time to do things around the house and taking his family on a trip to the Poconos to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. He added, “The best thing about winter is when you’re inside your house, not thinking about if you’re missing something outside.”

Mr. Hetrick is also looking forward to his favorite holiday, Christmas, because watching his excited kids on Christmas morning brings him back to his childhood. He feels that “as a parent it’s [his] goal to create memories for [his] children.”

When winter arrives, it will bring cold weather and icy roads. Both Mr. Hetrick and Mr. Bauer offer some advice to their students: always drive slowly, and don’t break too hard on turns.