Counting on the CB South Math Club

Richard Song, Staff Writer

A new club was created at South this year, and it is called Math Club. As of right now, it’s an organization with around twenty students involved and two dedicated teacher advisers, Mr. Lorenz and Mrs. Wilson.

The purpose of the Math Club is to promote South’s interest in mathematics related problems. The math in this club is nothing like what you’ve seen in math class. It is not about memorizing steps on how to solve problems.; it is about using logic, problem-solving type of thinking, and some complex tools from mathematics to solve a challenging problem. At meetings, students work in groups of friends to solve math problems together. It is a good way to socialize while exercising your math brain.

One aspect of the Math Club is the competition involved. Many club members are preparing for a national math contest called the AMC, which requires some rigorous math. However, if you are not interested in competing, another aspect of the club is the opportunity to tutor other students in math. You can even earn NHS hours at this club.

Once in a while, guest speakers will visit the Math Club to give a talk about their careers in math related fields. This is a great opportunity to learn more about these careers and meet new people.

If you are interested in joining this organization, you are welcome at any time. Just email [email protected] to sign up. Feel free to show up to a meeting. With some effort, this young club may one day grow into a teeming organization that really impacts South.