College Profile: Berklee College of Music

Brianna Cover, Contributing Writer

Berklee College of Music is in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts and is an ideal school for music lovers. Berklee is one of the most prestigious music schools in the country, according to their website. It offers a variety of different majors for undergraduate and masters programs. From music management and business, to vocals, to performance, Berklee is made for furthering education in music.

Since Berklee is such a renowned music school, it only accepts 20% of applicants. The GPA standard is a 3.35, and the SAT score is an 1830. The GPA standard is not as high as other prestigious schools because Berklee emphasizes musical talent and ability rather than simply schoolwork. However, in addition to the fact that their students are especially talented with music ability, the SAT score standard is higher because it reflects long-term knowledge that the students need for Berklee.

When applying for Berklee, there is an audition and interview portion, unlike other colleges that accept students based off of their GPA and SAT scores alone. All of Berklee’s students are required to audition, and after the audition process, there is an interview so the students can explain why they are so passionate about music and the dedication that they will have toward the school.

Tuition at Berklee is roughly $90,000 a year, including room and board, books, and a laptop. Room and board is required for students under 20 years of age. While attending Berklee, the MacBook Pro that is purchased comes with certain software that is specifically for Berklee students. Even if a student already has a MacBook Pro, he or she is still expected to purchase the software bundle for Berklee.

Because tuition is so expensive, Berklee allows students to enroll in its online program. Ian Roberts, a Berklee student from Doylestown, PA, attends Berklee online for music business. “Doing Berklee online is one of the best decisions I have ever made,” he said. “It gives me a great education in the music business field, and also, I can focus on my band full time, while not having to worry about being at school, since I still get the same education.” Students are still taught by the same professors in the classroom; the only difference is that students in the online program may not receive the same full college experience as others because they are not on campus.

Berklee, unlike other colleges, does not have Greek life because the school is so strictly based on music. According to, the entire student community is very tightknit, and they all work together. A typical day at Berklee might consist of waking up, going to the gym, recording and rehearsing music, going to class, going to a final rehearsal, and lastly, playing a show. There is no doubt that Berklee is an ideal school for those who wish to explore their passion in music.