The Titans Tackle Another Season

2014 Roster, taken from


2014 Roster, taken from

The CB South Varsity football team has been having an incredible season so far, keeping a 6-2 record.

The past eight games have been extremely exciting, especially for the CB South student section, the Titan Terror. At the first game on August 29, the Titans took on the CB West Bucks, South’s main rival, so student fans dressed in camouflage and orange to signify buck hunting.

Morale was high as the Titans took the lead, 41-0, during the first half; however, the Bucks came back in the second half of the game, leaving the final score at 41-14, Titans.

At the following home game against the Coatesville Red Raiders, rowdy Titan Terror participants filled the stands for the seasonal blackout. The students in the stands cheered tirelessly, but unfortunately, the results of the game were equally as dark as the clothing they wore. The Titans lost 47-34, giving Coatesville Area High School its second of six wins.

“Coatesville is a good team,” said Jake Stock, senior fullback. “We may have lost again this year, but we definitely put up a good fight.”

Last year, the final score of the Coatesville versus South game was 46-13, and one of this year’s five varsity team captains, Dan Young, called last year’s loss an “embarrassment.” However, this year, the Titans came back, only allowing a 13 point lead.

Young said, “The fact that we put up 34 points this year gave the team some optimism. I felt like we had a chance this season because we made such an improvement from last year.”

“We’re pretty happy with the way this season has gone,” he added. “We’re not satisfied, though; we have [a] loss. Our goal as a team is to win the conference.”

The turn-around was made at the next home game, where the Titans faced the CB East Patriots. Looking forward to a bright ending to the game, students wore neon, and the results were just as bright as expected—the Titans took home a win with the score at 42-24.

Josh “Doctor” Adams, Titans’ running back, proved during this game that the Doc is in, scoring a majority of Titan touchdowns.

Adams struck again during the battle against Bensalem, where the Titans wiped the turf with their team, dominating the scoreboard and leading the Bensalem High School Fighting Owls with a 42-0 score, a total shutout.

The winning streak continued, but just barely, during the home game versus North Penn. The Titans began strong but slipped as the game went on, allowing the North Penn Knights to gain several points.

“The game was a nail-biter down to the last two seconds,” said fan Jennifer Stock. To end the game, Adams scored the winning touchdown, finishing the game with 29-28 — a close call for the Titans.

The next game was at Neshaminy. The Titan Terror crowd was clad in purple and orange to support two former students, Tim Raymond and Caroline Gallagher. The Terror cheered wildly when the Titans walked away with a 52-34 win against the Redskins.

Caroline Gallagher would have just graduated from CB South in 2014, had she not passed due to a heart complication during her sophomore year. In remembrance of her, CB South hosts a 5K run every year called the Sweet Caroline 5K. This year’s run was held on Sunday, October 26.

Also this year, the Titans have dedicated their football season to Tim Raymond, a boy who passed away during his seventh grade year at Unami. He loved football, and he most likely would have been playing had he overcome his illness. Unfortunately, he passed due to H1N1 in 2010.

Raymond would have been a senior this year, which is why the season has been dedicated to him. All players wear orange armbands as part of their uniforms for the duration of this season, as a tribute to the Warriors for Tim organization.

Since Tim was so humble in his talents, the Titans are to carry themselves humbly this year. According to many players, Coach Tom Hetrick asked the football players to be just that—modest and focused on the game.

Hetrick also encouraged his players to “work hard, and get in every rep.” Jake Stock said that Coach Hetrick’s coaching methods are similar to last year’s Coach Rackovan’s methods, and Hetrick’s methods may be even more competitive.

Continuing the winning streak, Coach Hetrick took the Titans to Abington High School on October 10, where they successfully took down the Ghosts. Due to plenty of practice on the Titan’s behalf, the score was 23-7; which proved to the Abington student section that CB South is not “overrated.”

However, last Friday, October 24, the team faced a tough loss against Pennsbury, a team that currently leads the conference with an undefeated record. Initially, the game began as usual, and Josh Adams scored in the second play. “Then, he got injured,” said senior Bo Louderback, “and morale felt like it dropped.”

“From there on out they dominated us, holding the defense inside,” he continued. “They hit the holes hard, not letting our defense get on balance.” At halftime, Pennsbury led 28-7, and by the end of the game, the final score was 55-7, Pennsbury.

South still has a chance for the championship if the team wins its game this Friday, October 31, against Souderton, and if Pennsbury and North Penn lose their next games.

Even though the game against Pennsbury was tough, the Titans are even tougher. Louderback added that after the game, Coach Hetrick told the players to reflect over what happened and to be glad that they would not be Souderton on Friday, having to face them after the loss against Pennsbury.

In preparations for the upcoming games and possibly the conference title, Dikembe Wilkins, defensive end, said that the Titans “have been practicing hard, and we’re ready to win.”