The Making of South’s Football Seniors: A Look Back at Freshman Football 2011

Dikembe Wilkins, Contributing Writer

Three years ago, the ninth grade football teams from middle schools in Montgomery and Bucks County came together to form the first freshman football teams in the area.

Central Bucks South’s freshman team contained players from both Unami and Tamanend Middle Schools.

The previous year, 2010, Tamanend’s eighth grade football team finished its season with only one win while Unami’s eighth grade football team had a more successful season: 8-1.

No one knew what to expect of this freshman team, which consisted of players who had previously only played against each other.

The head coach of the 2011 CB South freshman team, which would go on to be undefeated, was and still is Mr. Brett Connelly. In 2010, he was the head coach of Tamanend’s ninth grade football team.

In the first game of the season, CB South went head to head against district rival CB West. CB South’s team shut them out 33-0 in a game that was decided after CB South’s first snap, when CB South’s star running back Josh Adams ran his favorite play, the “Josh Fly,” going on a deep route downfield for an easy touchdown.

Two games later, South played its closest game against Pennridge High School, but starters such as running backs Josh Adams, Matt Weeks, and Jake Henze were unable to play due to issues outside of football. This gave opportunities to players who spent the majority of the season on special teams, such as running back Chris Oshaughnessy.

With help from the defense, which received a large spark from defensive end Jack Mummert, and the offensive line, the Titans were able to defeat Pennridge in a 13-0 game that guard Tyler Lonergan said was “high tension.”

Another two games later, the team found that it had to come back and win while trailing the Hatboro-Horsham team at the half.

In the next game, South was pitted against Quakertown in an away game that was played in the pouring rain.  Due to these harsh conditions, this was center Robby Richick’s and safety Luke Wiley’s favorite game.

The rain was so intense that linebacker Dikembe Wilkin’s cleat got stuck in the mud, forcing him to chase down Quakertown’s running back wearing only one shoe.

While the weather did add another factor to the game, the Titans would go on to beat Quakertown as if there was no rain at all, 46-6. In the words of center Robby Richick, “We killed ‘em.”

After beating Quakertown, South was left with only one opponent: Souderton. Souderton’s freshman team was the only team other than South’s team that was still undefeated.

Souderton chanted “One more game! One more game!” after their previous win in anticipation for the last game of the season.

South began this game with the same play they used to score their first six points against CB West, running “Josh Fly.”

This game would end for the Titans in the same fashion as many others that season, with a blowout victory of 42-0.

This win made South the only undefeated team left in the conference.

The win against Souderton would become the favorite game of players, such as quarterback Austin Cannon, guard Mitchel Mortimer, and linebacker Bo Louderback.

Defensive end George Curtis said that the game was great because “we crushed Souderton’s dreams of going undefeated.”

At the end of the season, running back Josh Adams would receive the team MVP Award after leading the team in rushing yards and touchdowns.

Linebacker Bo Louderback won the Unsung Hero Award for his play off the bench and as a special teams player on kickoff.

“I got a plaque that had my name spelled wrong,” Louderback said. “That’s how unsung I was.”

Three years later, not all of the players from the South freshman team still play football. But the ones who do have been making their contributions to the 2014 CB South varsity team, a playoff contender.

The lineup has changed over time, and members of the freshman team feel that they have improved since then.

Looking back on film, which is still available on YouTube, the freshman team was much sloppier than the team that is playing now.

Defensive end George Curtis said that they have improved because “[they have] grown as a team and become closer.”

The present-day South football team is a mixture of sophomores and juniors, but mostly seniors, many of whom were members of the 2011 freshman team.

The seniors now have their last chance to finish the season as they did back when they were freshmen, as champions.