CB South Falls into Autumn


Photo from Ed Schipul via Flickr under Creative Commons license

Now that summer has ended and autumn is here, people are beginning to dress in fall attire, enjoy different foods and drinks particular to the season, and display their seasonal decorations for the upcoming holidays.

The new season introduces new fall and winter fashion trends. Many of the female students who attend Central Bucks South are looking forward to the “sweater weather” and to being able to pull out their hoodies and leggings.

“I take an extreme interest in fall because the weather is perfect for wearing sweaters with pants and not feeling too hot or too cold. It’s the perfect temperature,” said CB South junior, Lauren Smith. Like Lauren, other students said they enjoy the fall because of the moderate weather.

Because of the cool weather in autumn, many people enjoy going to bonfires, picking apples and pumpkins , and going to fall festivals or carnivals. sophomore Corinne McDonald said, “I love bonfires and getting cozy next to the fire during the fall. I also love to make s’mores.”

There are many fun activities during the fall that may interest those in the area. According to the Bucks County Alive website, a fall festival is taking place from September 27-October 26 at the market at DelVal. Attending the event comes at a low price. It offers pumpkin picking and hayrides, which the site calls “great activities to do with friends or family.”

Another activity that takes place during the fall season is the Festival of Fears, which is hosted for those who enjoy a scare. It takes place from September 26- October 26 and is open from 7:15-11:00 pm.

Festive activities and terrifying forms of fun with friends and family are both things that get us ready for the first fall holiday, Halloween.

As fall approaches, so do the holidays that come with them. Megan Manderson, a sophomore at C.B. South, said, “I like Halloween and Thanksgiving the same because they are both two completely different things that are really fun.” Although some students like Megan might enjoy both holidays, others favor one over the other.

A dozen South students were asked which fall holiday they preferred: Halloween or Thanksgiving. Eight of the 12 students responded that Halloween is their preferred holiday because  parties are thrown in its favor, there is free candy for the trick-or-treaters, and, as sophomore Caroline Choromanski said simply, “it is more fun.”

Those who preferred Thanksgiving said that they enjoy the break off from school in honor of the holiday, the mass amount of food provided for dinner, and as senior Katie Bagnardi said, the “great opportunity to spend time with family.”

However, Thanksgiving is not a favorite fall holiday for some because of one specific reason. More and more people are becoming vegetarians. South librarian Mr. Pecic, a vegetarian and former vegan, said that the worst part of fall is “killing turkeys for Thanksgiving.”

Like him,  some people prefer Halloween to Thanksgiving strictly for that reason. Lauren Smith said she likes Halloween more than Thanksgiving, too, because she is also a vegetarian. She questioned, “Thanksgiving is a holiday where thousands of turkeys die, and we eat them. Is one ‘good’ meal really worth it?”

Aside from the holidays, clothing, and activities in fall, there are also foods and drinks that come around as the season does. These foods and drinks are usually related to pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, which is usually eaten as a dessert on Thanksgiving, and the pumpkin spice latte sold at Starbucks are great examples of some of the foods and drinks that come around as fall does.

Lauren Smith said, “The pumpkin spice latte, from Starbucks, is one of my favorite drinks in the fall.” Starbucks sales increase in fall due to their pumpkin flavored drinks specifically. During fall “pumpkin everything” is sold, and the flavor becomes very popular.

As the fall season is slowly beginning, so is the interest and excitement in many upcoming activities and events, new fall fashion trends, seasonal food and drinks, and holidays.