CB South’s Students Take on Homecoming 2014

Corinne McDonald, Contributing Writer

Many CB South students are eagerly awaiting Saturday, October 18: the day of the homecoming dance.

Tickets will be sold outside the cafeteria for $10 during the week before the dance. Along with the tickets, class of 2017 T-shirts will also be sold for $10. If a students plans on bringing a date from another school, s/he must fill out a form from the main office a week prior to the dance.

Following the homecoming football game, about 600 students — over half of the student body — are expected to attend the dance. The main gym will be covered in an assortment of decorations to create a festive environment for the dance, and there will be a DJ and refreshments that will add to the excitement of the night. There will also be an election for Homecoming King and Queen, along with a surprise snack that will be up for sale at the dance.

The head of the homecoming committee and class adviser, Mr. Vello Vilbas, is the only adult on the committee, organizing more than 20 sophomores in the planning of Homecoming. This is his first year leading the homecoming dance committee; however, he expressed his high expectations for this year’s dance.  “I consider a dance [to be] successful when everyone has fun, and everyone really enjoys it,” said Mr. Vilbas.

Mr. Vilbas started planning this homecoming dance in the summer, and the committee joined in the beginning of the school year. he said that the sophomore class has had many great ideas and has made many contributions so far. He added that “the sophomore class has been really energetic about it.”

Sophomore Katelyn Wolfgang is on the homecoming committee and said, “The committee is meeting every Wednesday to make sure the dance is as good as it can be. We’re working on decorations right now and expect the dance to be a great turnout.”

One new aspect of homecoming this year is a new DJ who will be playing up-to-date and “electric” music, as Mr. Vilbas described it. This year, students will find homecoming flyers with a QR code posted around school. Students are able to scan this barcode for an option to choose their favorite songs or artists to be played at the dance.

Sophomore Juliana Cirvello will be attending for the first time. “I am going because I enjoyed the dances at Tamanend,” she said. “I am hoping they will be somewhat like that.”

Senior Shauna Sloms is also planning on going to the homecoming dance, but for her this year will be the third time. She said that she is “just going to go all out this year.”

Another senior, Dikembe Wilkins, is going to attend the dance this year for his first time and is excited to see who will be elected Homecoming King and Queen. “As of now I don’t have a date,” he said. “Hopefully I find one the week of the dance.”

Senior Katie Bagnardi is also excited for homecoming and “can’t wait to dress up.” She plans to go with her boyfriend and have a “splendid” time at the dance.

Sophomore Tim Radwanski said he is eager to go to homecoming this year to have a fun night with his friends and girlfriend. “I went last year and it wasn’t all that fun, but from what I’ve heard, this year is going to be a lot better.”

“No matter what you have thought of homecoming in the past, come anyway,” said Mr. Vilbas. “It’s a great excuse for everybody to get dressed up and have a good time.” He encourages all of the students at CB South to participate and have a fun night of dancing with friends.