Fall Fest: A New Take on an Old Tradition

Now that fall is in full swing, CB South students have many different things that they are looking forward to: the cooler weather, the changing leaves, football games, homecoming, and the annual Titan Tent Event.

Titan Tent Event first started when Central Bucks West and East students had to merge together to form CB South. Titan Tent Event was a night created to celebrate all of what South has to offer. The different clubs were represented and students gathered to meet their new classmates and kick off their careers at South.

For many years, Titan Tent Event has simply been a “club fair,” according to teacher and adviser Mr. Patrick Balkit. However, Titan Tent Event is changing this year: there will be the first annual Fall Fest at Titan Tent Event. “We wanted to bring some new life to Titan Tent Event this year,” said Mr. Balkit.

Not only will 30 different South clubs be represented, including new clubs such as Athletes Helping Athletes and Health Occupations Students of America, but also there will be new activities and attractions for all students who attend.

“I can’t wait for the pie eating competition,” said junior Alex Dunbar. “I think I will probably be the best pie eater there!”

Along with this pie eating competition, there will be a scarecrow-decorating contest, a DJ playing music the whole night, and  hayrides. This new theme will bring a fresh atmosphere to one of South’s longest traditions. It’s a chance for the student body, teachers, and community to see what CB South truly has to offer.

Clubs will be returning to draw in new members. This year the Chem Club will be offering its homemade pumpkin flavored ice cream—tying in with the fall theme.

But the fun does not stop there. Directly after school there will be a Titan Toss event in the gym for any students who wish to participate. This will lead directly into Titan Tent Event. Attendees will also get a chance to hear a performance by the Marching Titans. This will all be followed by the Homecoming football game against Pennridge at 7PM.

South is a school with a lot to offer, so all sorts of clubs will be represented, hosting free games and activities for students. The social aspect of this event brings unity to South. Students from different clubs and groups can have a night when they experience what others are interested in and maybe find an interest they never thought of before.

Student Jack Gallagher first attended Titan Tent Event  his junior year. “It gave me a chance to look at all the different clubs and really find something I was interested in.” One club that stuck out to him was South’s club Operation Eternal Gratitude (OEG), which works to benefit the US military.

For some students, this will be their first time attending Titan Tent Event, and they are thrilled about the new theme. “I think the new fall theme is cool,” said Chris Tanner. “But this will build a strong foundation of unity on which our school can stand. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Other students have been going to Titan Tent Event since their sophomore year and think the new Fall Fest is going to bring some new life to the event. “I’m even more excited to go because I really love fall,” said senior Chelsea Iaconianni. “I’ve been to Titan Tent Event before, but I think these new fall themed games and activities will be fun for all students!”

This year there is even a new location for Titan Tent Event, which is near the back entrance of the school. It will no longer be held next to the stadium as it has been for years.

With a new location, a new theme, and new clubs, Titan Tent Event is going to be a big event for CB South. It is an opportunity for all students to enjoy their night, listen to free music, and hangout with friends.