The Chalk-a-Palooza

The colorful chalk mural of the CB South clubs! via CBSD


The colorful chalk mural of the CB South clubs! via CBSD

On Wednesday September 17, CB South’s students held their first annual Link-sponsored Chalk-a-Palooza. For clarification purposes, “Chalk-a-Palooza” is a German phrase that literally translates to “Chalk festival.”

On that day, at least a hundred students from all three grade levels gathered to decorate the entire sidewalk leading up to the rear entrance of the school. Each tile of the sidewalk was allotted to a specific club or organization at South.

Students used their space to advertise their club(s) with colorful and artistic chalk etchings. If someone was done decorating their own club’s tile, they were encouraged to help out other clubs. There were free soft pretzels, as well as a sale of lollipops.

Luckily, the weather on Wednesday was cooperative; the sun had scattered the clouds and shone on all the artwork. The entire celebration lasted for a good two hours, and everyone was extremely pleased to see that it did not rain that night, lest the art be washed away.

When everyone had finished, students could see the colorful decorations for ChemClub, French Honor Society, Debate Club, Tennis Team, National History Day, Titans Connect, and so on. There were at least 30 clubs represented on the sidewalk that day. The event was successful not only in creating a mural of art, but also in bringing the students of South together for a unique celebration.