Class of 2014: Keeping it Classy


Congratulations to the class of 2014!

Annie Wang, Staff Writer

Friday is already the most anticipated day of the week, but on June 20, 2014, it was also the most anticipated day of the year—the last day of school. For 650 seniors, however, this day was more than just a normal Friday, or even the last day of school. June 20, 2014 meant closing one chapter of their lives and moving on to the next. June 20, 2014 meant sharing goodbyes, hugs, and tissues. June 20, 2014 meant graduating C.B. South and leaving for college after summer. From as early as 4:30, family and friends started crowding the bleachers for seats. Graduation began at 6, with the band playing “Pomp and Circumstance” and choir singing the national anthem and “I Wish You Well, My Friend.” Jiarui Wang, valedictorian of the class, made opening remarks regarding his time at South as a sophomore to a senior. He remembers how on the first day of school at South, students were all “using the maps [their] Titan Forum mentors gave [them],” and transitioning to “getting around South…like a second nature.” He light-heartedly talked about meeting science teacher Mrs. Chittick on the first day, ”Next thing you know, she’s excitedly waving a fetal pig in front of some guy’s face, and all the girls in the front row are screaming!” Jiarui congratulated the class and told them it was the day that “all of [their] efforts [were] recognized” and they “earned it…one fetal pig at a time.” Zac Cohen, a fellow graduating senior, shared his personal experience with loss and what he learned from it. “Although I cannot control all the events in my life, I can still control my responses…We must be willing to adapt to the uncertainties of our futures.” He reminded everyone that “over the course of a lifetime, [you] will meet so many new people, develop so many new interests, and encounter so many new opportunities, that the plans [you] meticulously crafted in high school will cease to be relevant” and “experiences are the true signs of constant learning.” Dr. Reitano, House Principal of the class of 2014, related South’s staff and administration “in loco parentis,” meaning “in place of a parent.” She joked that she was like their mom, and then she took a selfie with the graduating class. While this may be the end of their high school careers, the rest of their lives are just beginning. The class of 2014 will take on endeavors varying from college to the military; however, no matter what roads they choose, they have been equipped with all the abilities to take on the world because of their education. Congratulations to the class of 2014, and best of luck as you continue your journey to college!

Photos via Central Bucks South students
Photos via Central Bucks South students