Sophomore and Juniors: Moving Forward


After summer, each grade will be another year older! Photo via CBSD

Nicole Van Wagenen, Staff Writer

We ring in the calling of a warm and joyful summer while agonizing over the blissful year soon to be put behind us.  It is a sad goodbye, but it is a day that many of us have come to love.

Quite a few would say our relationship with school is complicated…a “love-hate” relationship, dare I say.  Now we turn our heads to look towards the bright future ahead, as tears are brought to our eyes that yet another year has come to a close.

Looking back, it feels as if only minutes ago we were freshman prancing about with nervous joy as we looked to begin our first day of sophomore year.  Everyone told us to treasure our first day, as we would never be able to relive it again.  But only now can we really understand those wise words.

For us,  sophomores, this year has entailed numerous brand new experiences, ranging from taking the PSATs to an AP class. I believe most of us  can say that we are quite pleased with how our “second” year of high-school turned out.  We all worked hard, and with that came many rewards…whether it be good grades or being recognized for a variety of accomplishments. Memories will be put to rest as we rack our brains for any excuse to procrastinate the fast approaching new year.

As many say, “Junior year is the most important year of your high-school career,” for it is what colleges will pay the most attention to.  Not only do we have a highly stressful curriculum to look forward to, with some of us taking three or more AP’s, but we are also left to stress about the SAT and prom, along with various other things.

As for juniors, they have now to look forward to their utmost “final goodbye.” With that comes the added stress of college applications, which juniors have worked for up until this moment for most of their lives. The fast approaching year will fly by in no time, and before they know it, they will be facing a new beginning, as seniors have now to do.