Vamos a España!


Photo from Marc via Flickr under Creative Commons license

A language can break down barriers and connect people separated by oceans and dialects. A group of CB South students, along with students from East and West, are preparing to fully immerse themselves in all things Spanish. For many, this will be the first time they will be able to use their years of studying Spanish in the real world.

On July 22 we head out of this country we call home to Spain.  It all started last year when students and their parents went to a meeting in the hopes of attending this trip. We fast forward to now with the last of the pre-departure meetings behind us and only the last few weeks of school standing in our way.

Once signed up for this trip, the students went to a handful of meetings to get to know the other students attending and the teachers who will be chaperoning. At these meetings we discussed what was expected of us and worked on our projects. This trip isn’t all fun and games: it counts as an elective credit (.25) and there is a project that must be completed and presented, in Spanish, to the teachers next September. We were also taught about what we will be seeing in Spain, though we will learn more of that in the three hour lessons we are having in the morning for five days on the trip.

In Spain, the students will be staying in the city of Salamanca for five days, and the rest of the time will be spent in Madrid.

In Salamanca we will visit the University of Salamanca, Ávila, the Aqueducts of Segovia, eat pallea, and more. We will be staying at the High Tech Petit Palace Las Torres (the view is in the picture).

In Madrid we will visit the Palacio Real, Prado Museum, Las Ventas Bullring, and have a Flamenco evening.

Spanish allows students to connect with Spain in a whole new level than if we had not known the language. This will surely be a once in a lifetime experience for all attending.