People for Pets and the SPCA

Each year, we see many commercials and advertisements portraying terrifying images of animals that are hurt, abused, or left alone on the streets.

When animals that were abandoned are found and taken in, they are taken to shelters. Two of many shelters in Pennsylvania is the SPCA in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

CB South’s People For Pets Club is working towards raising money for the animals in these shelters.

One of the downsides to shelters taking in animals is that there are limited cages and kennels; this also means that these shelters cannot provide for all of the animals that they take in. Many animals each year are euthanized in order to make room for more animals.

But People for Pets is helping change that.

In addition to contributions of blankets, sheets, and money to the Montgomery County SPCA, the People for Pets Club also has helped donate over $600 to the Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska. This money raised will sponsor kennels for two cats and one dog at the shelter. The sponsorship keeps the animals housed, clean, and fed until they are adopted.

In a recent visit to the Montgomery County shelter in Abington, the People for Pets members got to see the animals they help care for. These animals had many different reactions to the people who came to visit them, including being scared, calm, excited, or quiet. None of them deserved to be locked up in cages with no home to go to.

With the donations, however, the animals have a more comfortable home until they can find  a permanent one with a family. While the whole situation the animals are placed in is extremely sad and upsetting, the members of People for Pets did witness the adoption of a cat. It was so touching to see the cat being adopted and on its way to a loving home. One of the volunteers of the shelter was very teary-eyed as she saw the cat with her new owner.

These animals all have a story to be told and don’t deserve the life they are in now. The People for Pets Club would like to say thanks to everyone who donated, as the lives of the animals are a little bit better. People for Pets members are truly grateful for everyone’s contributions, and they know the animals are grateful too. Please continue to donate to shelters and the club in the future. Also, if you are looking for a pet of your own, try going to a shelter instead of a pet store. You may just save an animal’s life in doing so.