As the Seniors Say Goodbye to South, So Does their Principal

Photo via CBSD

Photo via CBSD

Jamie Kassa, Staff Writer

No one in C.B. South hasn’t heard of Dr. Reitano. But as the year closes on her senior house, and she too is moving on to a new job across the country, plenty of things have been on the house principal and former English teacher’s mind.

Reflecting on the years, Dr.. Reitano recalled always having a passion for working with kids, be it at a pre-school, middle school, or high school level. “I think that young people are delightful,” she said. “[They’re] fun to be around and a lot more interesting than adults most of the time.”

Having been involved in education so long, she shared her advice to South students who might be looking towards a career in the field. “Be prepared for a lot of hard work, it looks easier than it is.” She explained tjhat there are hundreds of hours involved outside the classroom when “not on the clock” to make the career a success. But, she also said that it is “the most rewarding career” and a “wonderful field [to help] stay young and enjoy what you do.”

Regarding her graduating seniors, Dr. Reitano said that the Class of 2014 is “a real special group.” She went on to explain, “I’m really going to miss this group who impressed and inspired me and left a real level of positivity.” She says it’s a strong group of “creative thinkers” and “talented individuals.” When asked about advice she’d give the class with any next steps they take, she answered, “Whatever the next step is, take it deliberately and with self-discipline… Moments of transition are pretty magical.”

Looking back on some of the amazing events her class has organized, Dr. Reitano says she was particularly impressed by the Titans Connect Prom, the Sweet Caroline 5K, and LINK. “I was so moved and impressed with all the students who were involved,” she said, “and just the way that reflect[s] the character of the CB South Community… I could just go on and on, and it reflects their spirit of community and giving and makes me proud to work with them.”

Looking to the future, Dr. Reitano explained that the new position she’ll be taking is for a non-profit organization called “The New Teacher Center” in California, the place she considers home. The program supports school district work for new teachers and principal induction and works to strengthen professional skills. Specifically, Dr. Reitano said her job will be to “train trainers and provide advice for schools and districts for how to train them, too.”

“I’ll never forget my time in C.B.,” she said, and specifically at South. “The building is nice, but the people are wonderful. The hard work and efforts of the colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with, the focus and drive, is always improving.” For goodbye thoughts and wishes, Dr. Reitano ends with these words: “I know South is in good hands. Keep doing all the good things that you’re already doing, and I’m looking forward to coming back and visiting soon.”