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Get ready, Titans! Senior prom is May 10th!

Here are the nominees for Prom King and Queen. Voting begins Wednesday at 10:00 am.

The link for voting is at the bottom of the page.

Prom King Nominees

*Mark Kannengieszer

“Mark Kannengieszer should be prom king because he’s the most genuine person you will ever meet. Mark also has the best fade out of all the other kings nominated, and his dad bod is on the rise as well. He knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face.” – Caelan Prime





*Reis Braccio

“Reis Braccio is the perfect candidate for this years senior prom king. He not only is a very hardworking student, but also an amazing friend. He is very outgoing and someone who you can always trust. He is an outstanding ice hockey player and a very caring person. Reis Braccio should definitely be this years senior prom king.” -Nicole Miller





*Gabe Polidoro

“Gabe should be prom king because he is the most driven individual anyone could ever meet. He always views his dreams as achievable, no matter how daunting they may seem. His passion and determination rub off on everyone, and he always sees the positive side to everything. He not only leaves a positive impression on everyone he meets, but he also carries with him a positive outlook on life. He has an insatiable love for music, and through it he tries to inspire others to purse what makes them happy.  His knack for selflessness and inclusion is truly one of a kind, and through all of these things I believe Gabe should be prom king.” -Nick Parsons


*Alec Chen

“Alec should be prom king because he’s just an overall amazing person and insanely fun to be around. He is passionate about everything he does, especially when it comes to going to the gym. Vote for Alec!!” -William Rong and Isabella Wu







*Casey Rizzo

“Casey Rizzo should be prom king because he’s a good guy, and I respect good guys. Good guys are the people who talk to you every day, the people who wave back to you in the hallway, the people who make you chuckle when you’re upset. And that’s the kind of guy Casey is, a person who you can just look at and tell that they’re a good guy.” – Benny Simon





*Ryan Sphar

“Ryan should be prom king because, simply put, he is the rightful heir. Born from house Sphar, Ryan embodies everything a man wants to be and needs to become. He is loyal, kind, and seriously cool. Often times when I am stuck in a tough spot of my life and feel lost, I ask myself, “What would Ryan do?” His wonderful insight and understanding in almost every subject makes him a perfect conversationalist and shoulder to confide in. Because of this, Ryan can make friends out of anyone he meets, and creates lifelong connections around every corner. Ryan can barely even be named a king, since everyone who knows him would surely democratically vote him into a position of presidency at the most prestigious level.” -Mason Zeo




Prom Queen Nominees

*Casey Davis

“Casey Davis should be the prom queen because she has always been down to earth and is one of the friendliest people I know. She also works with National Art Honor Society and volunteers for the community.” – Ella Nowell





*Nicole Miller

“For the past four years at CB South, Nicole Miller has been one of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for. Not only is she selfless and dependable, but she is a kind hearted person who always puts others before herself. Nicole is true to all her friends & others and is someone you can always count on. She can cheer anyone up with her lighthearted humor and contagious laugh. She is hardworking and outgoing not only in school but at both her jobs. To know her is to love her and I could not think of a better candidate than Nicole.” -Lauren Rosztoczy


*Maria Kontas

“Maria Kontas should be the queen because she’s fun, fresh, and she’s been in my class since first grade.  She also puts on a great performance even under pressure. She might be a little bit messy, but the sisters stan a legend.” -Julia Munoz





*Ashley Hillman

“Ashley should be prom queen because she will always be there to put a smile on your face! She is kindhearted, loyal, and funny. She is always there for you when you need her.” -Nicole Dischinger, Eve Huynh, and Sophia Nardo






*Olivia Himmelstein

“Olivia should be the prom queen because she is a former prom queen, funny, and kind hearted. You can always hear her laugh from multiple rooms away. She resembles everything the class wants in a prom queen and she should get your vote. As a side note, this would be the second time she has won without her date winning king.”- Austin Novick






*Alexa Goldblum

“Alexa Goldblum is a loyal, compassionate friend who consistently stays by her friends’ sides. She could be surrounded by complete strangers and wouldn’t be afraid to make friends. Alexa goes out of her way to make sure people are okay, from sending a text to dropping a gift off at their house.”-Lila Tefft

Link to Vote:



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