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Student Council 2019-20

CB South’s Student Council:

President Ore Popoola (Class of 20′)

Who is Ore Popoola? An Actor, an athlete, an academic. An intense lover of life, he spends his time swimming for the swim team, sprinting for the track team, acting for Titan thespians , and advocating fiercely on the senate. If elected, Ore has plans to radically reform the senate through increasing efficiency , cutting fat from the system, and refusing to break promises and restoring democratic power to the people through a set of actionable, realizable policy. 



Vice President Ricky Cho (Class of ’20)

Hey South, my name is Ricky Cho (aka Mr. Cool Guy). I am running for vice president and here are some cool facts about me. I’m in a lot of clubs at South and all that cool stuff. Outside of school I like to eat Taco Bell and make money because I love food and money. In my free time I like to play basketball with my friends as well (Alex Dietz almost dunked on me). I hope to make South a place that people actually want to come to. That’s why I think you guys should vote for me. If I become elected, I will make sure that South is a cool experience for everyone. 



 Secretary Jill Heilig (Class  of   ’20)

My name is jill Heilig and i am running for secretary. I love South and all the amazing opportunities it has brought me. We are so lucky to live in a community with amazing resources for our educations and after school activities. My favorite activities have been musical, field hockey, choir, and of course, student council! I can’t wait for senior year and to see all our amazing student map out their futures when they pick their colleges! 




Treasurer Kevin Kim  (Class of ’20)

My name is Kevin Kim and here at South, I am involved in various clubs and sports, including Math Club and Future Business Leaders of America. I am highly qualified for the role of treasurer, and my clubs and academic excellence prove that I have genuine passion for math and money management, and I would be dedicated to my role because I complete my tasks to the best of my ability. As treasurer, I’d work to reduce costs for events such as prom by minimizing other costs. Elect a promising treasurer by voting for Kevin Kim! 

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Student Council 2019-20