Physical Education Classes: Promoting Life Long Fitness


CB South offers several Physical Education classes that are tailored to different fitness skills. The Phys. Ed. classes teach fitness skills and give students a mental break during the day.

Starting with the Class of 2015, students will only be required to have one gym credit to graduate instead of the 1.5 credits that the previous needed. This change in the number of credits required for graduation means that students will only need to take one gym class in addition to the class that they took in ninth grade.

Physical Education classes are beneficial to students because studies show that physical activities improve academic performance. In PE Classes “Students are able to establish a good fitness base that they will be able to maintain on their own,” Mr. Brady, a physical education teacher at CB South, said.

Fitness is beneficial to students because it can help fight obesity and give students a mental break during the day. “As people, we are designed to move; sitting at a desk for seven hours a day is unnatural,” said Mr. Schaefer, another PE teacher at CB South.

The required PE course at CB South is PE/Health. In addition to the required course, there are several electives such as Team Sports, Lifetime Sports, Advanced Health, Personal Fitness, Fitness Trends, and Aquatic Conditioning.

Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, a new course called Stress Management will be offered. This course will teach students healthy ways to manage and cope with stress through diet and exercise.

Team Sports is statistically the most popular Physical Education elective course with 400-600 students requesting it every year. In Team Sports, students play several competitive games with an emphasis on team participation. This is one of the few courses at CB South that students may take more than once.

One of the other courses that is offered at CB South is Aquatic Conditioning. It is a course designed for students and student athletes who want to get in or remain in shape and work towards optimum health. Students who take this course swim laps, do arm and leg work, timed workouts, endurance training, heart monitoring, and more.

Swimming is a good way for athletes to stay in shape because it offers “good conditioning and a lower risk of injury because there is little resistance,” said JT Joyce, a CB South Senior.

The reasons for taking Aquatic Conditioning vary by student. Several student athletes such as Jake Heilig, JT Joyce, and Sean Brace responded that they took the course to “stay in shape.” Other students such as Matt Belli and Abby Heilig said that they took the course because they thought that it would be fun.

Other courses such as Lifetime Sports, Fitness Trends, and Personalized Fitness are designed for students who want to improve their physical condition through good physical fitness. More information about these courses is available from the PE teachers and guidance counselors.

All of the physical education courses are open to everyone who is interested. According to Mrs. Pullar, a PE teacher at CB South, the most important goal of PE Classes is to “promote lifelong fitness.”

For more information about the physical education classes offered at CB South, contact Mr. Brady, Mr. Schaefer, or Mrs. Pullar.