Suburban One League Football Renovations


Running Back Josh Adams, Junior

David Drea, Contributing Writer

The Suburban One League Football conferences are set for some renovations that will be taking place at the start of the 2014 season. How these new changes will affect each high school has yet to be seen, but the new renovations were introduced to ensure that the playing field would be fair and that teams were given equal opportunity to make the District One Playoffs come mid-November.

The newly implemented system is male-enrollment based. But what does that mean? The number of males who have enrolled in the high school determines which conference a school will fall under. The “big” schools will make up the National Conference, the “middle” schools will make up the Continental Conference, and finally, the “smaller” schools will make up the American Conference.

CB South is one of the schools that falls under the “big” school conference alongside North Penn, Pennsbury, Neshaminy, Souderton, Pennridge, Abington, and Bensalem. With CB South moving from the Continental Conference to the National Conference, the Titans will be faced with new competition, new rivals, and new challenges.

Starting running back Josh Adams, junior, said that this new competition “is something the guys are looking forward to” and that “although we are losing some rival games with CB West and CB East, we are still excited for the new weekly battles in the ‘big’ conference.”

As for the rest of the league, the playing field based on enrollment has been made even by this new realignment. Bigger schools that usually dominated their conferences year in and year out are now all grouped together to allow for some better competition. On the other side, the smaller schools, usually in the basement of each conference every year, are now all grouped together to allow equal opportunity for all schools to make it to the District One Playoffs.

“You’re going to have to compete week in and week out to make it to the playoffs. No more ‘easy’ wins. Every week will be a battle, and a team that performs well will rightfully earn a spot in the playoffs,” said Josh.

This realignment of the conferences is for football only. CB East Football Head Coach John Donnelly said that “Football is a different animal with all the contact, and for schools to play schools of similar enrollment might be justified.” The physical toll football has on the student-athletes is one of the particular reasons that the realignment is for football only and not for other sports, such as baseball or basketball.

The realignment is set to begin at the start of the 2014 season, but not all conferences are set in stone. Enrollment numbers change from year to year, and the proposed conferences were established on the basis of enrollment numbers in 2013. What this means for schools teetering on the edge between the “middle” schools and “big” schools or “small” and “middle” is that the proposed conferences could possibly change if numbers were to fluctuate.